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wat can i say?!! how to name it maybe..

It was an impulsive decision to start bogging.. Don’t know why though..

I was inspired to start blogging due to my close association with Mercury and her blogs.. Honestly.. Hope I didn’t embarress you or anything.. Atleast i didn’t mean to..

I have been racking my brains from last evening to think of a topic to start blogging on.. But it didn’t quite help.. So i decided that i would watch Black today and get inspired.. So i set out this afternoon with a friend of mine to Satyam and guess what! NO TICKETS.. But i wasn’t going to give up so easily.. So i went from theatre to theatre trying to see if tickets were available somewhere.. But yo! NO TICKETS anywhere.. Still refusing to return home without watching a movie, we decided to watch Shabd.. But NO TICKETS again.. But we weren’t going to wile away time.. So we came home and slept..

After all the afternoon thamasha, its sunday evening blues.. Just the thought having to go to college the next 5 whole days in a row is so pissing off.. I just cannot do practicals..

My first blog sounds like anything but fun.. Its filled with all the miseries and short comings of my life..

But can i help it? I’m sure lot of you will think my way..( I’m secretly hoping lotsa people read this! Is that too bad? If it is, I assure you that its nothing but sunday evening blues..)

Hopefully my next blog with sound more cheerful and fun and optimistic..


8 thoughts on “wat can i say?!! how to name it maybe..

  1. COngrats…on your start into this wonderful world of blogging…

    Hehe dont give up SO easily on seeing black.Its awesome.Watch it.

  2. well….writing a blog doesnt come easy to everybody so dont worry bout a dull start…..im sure the next post will be a master piece!

  3. Hey…babe..I’m glad I’m inspiration to some…keep right on…

    Note of advice: desist with the mumerous ‘Yo!!!’s …lol..but that’s only a suggestion

  4. hmm and here comes another one……well looks like merc starting a whole blogging community at her college….good to see. anywaysa warm welcome to u and best of luck blogging.

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