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An evening well spent!

I’m quite sure that most of you would expect another sob story and short comings of my life to be listed. But as per earlier resolutions, I’ll (atleast try to) make this one more interesting! So read on in peace..

My day at college was quite boring yesterday also expect for that one hour when we(a couple of my friends and me) bunked class and went to woody’s for a cup of coffee. Had a great time (and the coffee was great as usual!)

In the evening i watched Black.(YESSSSSS!!!!) And hey! Its a really nice movie. More than it being a director’s masterpiece, I think its every actor’s dream. I have to mention a few things that i really impressed me about the movie..

The girl who played young Michelle was simply mind-blowing. She reminded me a lot of the girl who played Anjali(Mani Ratnam’s must watch) I really don’t know if it was the hairstyle or the same raw talent! I loved their sets, their accessories and costumes, not necessarily in that order! The house (or should i say mansion) they live in looked great. The hospital that was done completely in white was very different and nice. I love the brown earrings that Rani Mukharjee wears during her sister’s engagement.. Its really cute!

Rani and Amitabh’s performance through the movie falls short of nothing but excellent.. I think I’ve run out adjectives.. If there is something about the movie that deserves special mention, its the camera work and lighting.

In short the movie is a must watch, just for phenomenal acting and commendable camera work.

After the movie, we decided to go to Mocha. By the way, we is a friend of mine from college, 2.. shall we say nerds from iit(hope you don’t mind me calling you that!) and me.

In the peaceful, serene and smoke-filled setting of Mocha, we generally started talking about iit lingo. Personally, I’m amused more than anything by their jargan. Due to popular demand, the 2 nerds started giving us a detailed account of their lingo. As dutiful students, my friend and me, assimilated as much as we could.

In short we were putting fight to learn the fundaes so that we could look very pseud or what ever that is!!!

After listening to them for 45 minutes, i realised that they were using the same words to convey different meanings because they were “accompanied” by different words. So i came up with a theory as to why and how the usage of their lingo came about..

And here it is:

As we all know, iit is filled with nerds. They want to spend their time as usefully and effectively as possible. So they shorten all their words so that it takes lesser time for them to say what ever they want to say. Also, they do not want to waste memory space by remembering too many words. So they convey all their emotions in life using a sum total of 25 words (room for error allowed as the figure mentioned is only approximate).

After i did this extensive piece of research, i felt very nice for having used my evening constructively! But i also felt kinda empty because what ever said and done, iitans they use their time more constructively than me.. Actually just about anyone spends their time more constructively than me.

So, iit junta please forgive me if i’ve hurt your sentiments or given junta false info about the history of your lingo.. but i’m very thankful to you people ‘cos i spent one whole evening constructively doing some serious thinking, thanks to your lingo.. The research being completely senseless(atleast to you people) is a different issue altogether..lol..


4 thoughts on “An evening well spent!

  1. Machan…….:P.

    Anyways your hypothesis was, how can I put this, ahh… wrong.:D. Helmet agrees with Dasan.Procastination is the way of life.

    Nerds?!? @#$@$#!@#.Bah Humbug.

  2. hey.. i told you my research might be wrong! big deal! atleast i had fun in the process.. you can’t get everything right in life.. 😉
    i was just trying to put pseud..(did i get that one right?!!)

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