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A really hectic week..

I must first say hey people… I’m back… Its been really long.. I somehow never found the time to blog ( read didn’t know what to write!!)

It has been a really hectic week. Not only has it been hectic, but also got me thinking about stuff that I have been taking for granted.

Life at college has not been very rosy! Too many practical tests. Not to mention, i totally f***** up most of them. Now I’m as sure as sure can get– physics is not for me. I cannot handle practicals!!! I have been in Isabel hospital and its vicinity last 3 days. This friend of mine who we’ll refer to as S has been taken sick. Been keeping her company in the hospital.. I’ve had to handle more than my fair share of disgusting people waiting to shun responsibilities in the last 3 days.

The following is an excerpt from the conversation I had with her hostel warden.

hw: ….. why did this girl pick now of all times to fall sick?!! (S has been plotting and planning to fall sick btw!) I can’t handle this right now… Does she realise how busy I am..

me: (looking all around.. Trying to admire the natural scenery in the hospital.. Anything to keep my temper down and not answer her questions! not that she needed answers to carry on!!!)

hw: Someone has to stay with her tonight at the hospital.. Thats too much responsilibity.. O my god.. who will stay with her?!!
(Looks around trying to decide who to delegate her “responsibility” to..)

(Finally the bulb glows… In her excited state, almost knocks off my glasses and says..) You’ll stay with her tonight.. So thats taken care of!

me: ( Didn’t quite comprehend the excitement around me.. Looked at my friend who explained the reason for her excitement to me!)

(Unsure as to what my response should be, managed a..) Oh sure… I don’t think that’ll be a problem ( Its absolutely no problem.. But DUH.. shouldn’t she ask me instead of telling me?? Or am i imagining stuff about manners and blah!!!)

(exit hw and me…)

Thanfully didn’t have any more encounters with her the rest of the day.. Bumped into her yesterday at college.. She looked very pleased.. (rare sight indeed..)

hw: Good morning dear! Did you speak to S’s guardian at the hospital? Her uncle has come. I’m sure he’ll take good care of her. Thats such a relief, isn’t it? (hmmm… to whom exactly?!! anyways)

I didn’t know about the arrival of the uncle as I was going to the hospital only that evening. I was really happy for S that got to be with someone from her family finally…

That evening, I enter the hospital room and see S in good spirits. I was very happy. My focus shifts to this boy who is sitting on the couch in the room. Looks around 17-18 years old. I look at S, waiting to be introduced to this boy.

S: hey.. meet ____ (don’t really remember the name.. too shocked too in any case… read on to find out the reason!!!)

He is my mom’s youngest brother.. Just out of school… He happened to be around, so decided to pay me a visit.. He’s new to the city…

SO, this boy is S’s “uncle”. The guardian who is supposed to take care of her. Someone who doesn’t even know his way around town…

I am flabbergasted.. It is very disheartning to see the way people behave when they have to act responsibly.

I was near tears when i put myself in S’s position. She knows all about the hungama thats happening around her. She must be feeling like the parcel in “passing the parcel”. All of us are striving for acceptance all our life. Life’s all about being with people who accept you for who you are. No one deserves to feel unwanted. She’s going through such a guilt trip, its unbelievable.

I’m able to totally relate to her, because as a kid, I have spent a lot of days in the hospital. I have been totally at my family’s mercy. And not once did they make me feel lake a burden on them. Till i saw how it could’ve been, I took my family’s support completely for granted. They made me feel like a queen. Seeing that they really cared for me and were always there, made it easier for me to endure the pain. I really looked up to my family for support and love.. And i owe them a big thank you… Its coming a little late.. But i say, better late than never..

And hey S, we’re all here for you. You are very special.. Whatever anyone says, don’t ever doubt that.. Its not worth it..


4 thoughts on “A really hectic week..

  1. Oi bobo…helmet is right..nice post!!!

    Hmm…well that leaves me with not very much to write about the episode…lol..

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