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Woh what a sense of accomplishment..

Procrastination is not exactly the greatest of attributes, I sure know. But, the sense of accomplishment it one (read “I”) gets when he/she actually escapes unscathed from a horiffying situation that is not exactly too favourable (putting it mildly)..


Now, that surely calls for celebration.. I actually got my record attested on the same day as most other people in my class considering the fact that I had 4 incomplete experiments as of 9 pm last night. What is even better, is the fact that I managed to do practicals well today. Didn’t fumble or curse at any point in my practs today!!!

So, obviously I’m elated. A sense of accomplishment that I haven’t felt in a long time..

I think this is all due to my new red haired look!! I really wish Mercury had coloured her hair blue! With her blue and my red and meghna’s blond streaks, we could’ve had a ball.. As it is the profs in my department give us such disapproving looks..

But my dad’s the best.. It was only due to his benevolent, i-love-my-daughter-very-much mood did i get to streak my hair!! I walk in to my house straight from the parlour with red streaks and my dad says ” hey you look very nice” (without even looking up from some magazine he was reading..) Then when my he actually got a good look at me, he said-“…. i thought you wanted to streak your hair.. what is this now, you’ve got it coloured red?!!”

Didn’t know what to tell my dad.. But dad’s the cutest!!!!!

I don’t know for how long this sense of accomplishment is going to last considering that I have my University practicals 10 days away.. But what the hell, we’ll face it when it happens.. lol..

But I have to tell everyone this… I (rather we) have less than 8 days of regular college left.. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE……

Its very possible that I will rot at home after that, but who cares?!! NO MORE (than 8 days of..) COLLEGE


3 thoughts on “Woh what a sense of accomplishment..

  1. Procrastination kills….
    I have 13 assignments staring at me as of now, and a sleepless quiz week that starts in another four days….

  2. Lol @ Dasan…

    I had 2 assignments (which I finished) and have a midsem and some 2 quizzes.Not bad. Though I seriously ought to get started for tomorrows midsem ;).

    Procrastination can kill.Depends on the branch you’re in…:D.

    And congrats that college is ending…

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