Like everyone else I think a lot.. But my thoughts are seldom coherent or for that matter make any sense.. Last few days the frequency of such thoughts and time spent thinking has increased..

As the song goes,

Well, I’m lookin’ at you,
And I’m wond’rin’ what you’re gonna do.
Looks like you got no friends,
No one to stick with you till the end.
Take yourself a friend.
Keep ’em till the end.
Whether woman or man,
It makes you feel so good…
So good!Yes, you think you’re all right,
But now you’re lonely ev’ry night.
Well, you need a friend,
Someone on whom you can always depend.
Yes, you need some advice,
Well, let me put it to you nice.
I said you need a friend,
Someone who’ll stick with you to the end.
Friends play a very important role in every individual’s life. It is the intensity of influence and the extent to which they touch a person’s life, that varies. This guest speaker(on the occassion of Union Day) in my college was telling us as to how important it is for women to keep in touch with her friends.. I couldn’t agree more with what she said..
Like every relationship, friends need to work at keeping their frienship going. This effort to make it work, is comparitively, not as much as it takes to make other relationships work. And that, is the beauty of friendship..
Another very dominant emotion in a person’s life is love. The line of demarcartion between frienship and love is very thin. Its like this thin line drawn on the surface of ice. When you are skating on ice, there is so much focus on the act of skating and the fun, that the presence of the line doesnot attract so much importance. At times, it becomes so unnoticable, that you don’t realise that you crossed the line.
Almost every person goes through a phase.. A phase of uncertainity.. A phase that generally leads to crossing the line. This phase is only natural. When the other person knows you better than you know yourself, is always there for you irrespective of whether you are happy or sad or down or wild or hyper, it is inevitable. For some people its momentary, for someothers it isn’t..
But the stakes involved are high in this case. When things don’t exactly work out, the friendship is at jeopardy. Things probably won’t remain sour for very long but the chances of it getting back to what it was, is slim to none. This happens moreso because of very high levels of expectation..
I personally think it is not worth putting your frienship at stake.. It is very scary..
To me, friend occupy a very high place of importance in my life. If i make a list of all the people who are important to me in my life ( i say important because I think nothing or no one is inevitable) , most of them would be friends..
Thank you people.. For staying by my side when i needed you.. For being there to hold my hands when i was goiong through the worst and the best..

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  1. I’m glad you’re glad, but could u stop callin me buddy? i hate the word….thanks….”friend”,”fellow blogger”…all these are welcome titles…i just dont like the sound of the word buddy….Up the irons!!!

  2. Well, I tend to agree with that.I think we all value friendship that much more because while we don’t have any choice regarding our relatives, we CAN pick and choose when it comes to our friends.That’s why we feel that extra bit of attachment and bonding with them.Of course, where attachment resides, disenchantment will invariably follow, even if it’s only for a while. Love is an invariably tricky emotion and that’s because I think it’s an acquired emotion rather than inborn. Here, I am referring to heterosexual love rather than the kind you feel for your parents/relatives. And because, it’s so, you need to work really hard at keeping it from affecting other compartments of your life. On a lighter note, Dil Chahta Hai can serve as interseting case study to illustrate my point.
    Anyways, an honest style of writing, keep it up!!

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