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Don’t ask me how i know what i know!!!

These are events that took place in a popular disc in Chennai, when 7 girls decided to go on a girls night out.. and i repeat the title, don’t ask me how i know what i know..

Scene 1

Act 1

(…seven girls enter the hotel lobby, three of whom are hmmm… lets say, “happy high”.. bunch of people (2 girls and about 6 guys) are waiting outside to enter the disc..)

(..one girl, lets call her the friend-in-need (significance of the name will be understood as you read on!!!), approaches our heroines with a wide smile..)

f-i-n: hey people.. Can you please give my guy friends entry?? Its just entry.. Nothing else.. Please..

(..looks pleadingly..)

heroines: hmmmm.. As long as its just entry, thats fine..

(the gal thanks our heroines and yo! all of them enter into the disc..)

Readers please note that out of our 7 heroins, 2 of them are making their debut.. The whole party scene happened so that those two can be “enlightened” about the chennai night-life. And those two, when the plans were made, made it VERY clear that they only wanted to go dancing and weren’t interested in booze or any other such activities!!(point to be noted for future reference!!!!)

Act 2

(…our heroines hit the dance floor and are dancing away to glory!!)

heroine 1: hey.. this is fun man!! Music is awesome.. btw, will you share a fag with me?? ‘Cos i don’t want to have one fully!!

heroine 2: (…carefully considers the question.. ‘cos she doesn’t want to seem too eager!)

hmmm… ok.. just one..

(heroine 1 return with a cigaratte that she managed to borrow from someone..)

heroine 1 lights the cigaratte and gives it to heroine 2

Both of them are happily fagging (should i say smoking?!!) The cigaratte gets passed on to all the other heroines.. but our debutants mainted their we-only-wanna-dance stand@#!*

As time goes on, 1 cigaratte becomes 2 and then 3 and other than our debutants all the heroines are found smoking..

Act 3

Heroines 2, 3, 4 and 5 (btw, heroines 4 and 5 are our debutants!) take a trip to the loo..

(..conversation in the loo..)

heroine 3: Hey.. You guys.. I want to fag.. Get me a cigaratte..

heroine 2: Listen, we’ve already borrowed some 4 cigarattes from heroine 1’s friend.. Might look bad.. Lets buy a pack of cigarattes..

heroine 3: Nah!! Why don’t we go ask those guys we helped enter… They f***ing owe us one (ahem.. readers may take the liberty of assuming that the heroines are generally very well mannered and the bad language is solely under the effect of alcohol..)

heroine 2: What the f***.. lets go ask them..

(heroines 4 and 5 don’t look very kicked by the idea.. But no one’s giving them a choice!!)

All the four of them walk out of the loo and our f-i-n stands there with a pack of cigarattes and a match..

f-i-n: (hands over the pack to heroine 2..)

This one’s for you guys..

All the heroines stare at each other, unsure of their reaction..

heroine 2: ahem.. i mean.. Thanks anyways!!!

f-i-n walks away leaving the four heroines with dropped jaws.. Now, i guess the readers would’ve understood the significance of the name.. lol..

As the saying goes, all is well that ends well.. By the end of the day (rather the beginning of the next day..) the debutants had 2 drinks each, were demanding cigarattes and all the heroines danced till they literally dropped from sheer exhaustion..


All the charecters, events and places mentioned in the above post are not fictitious. The events mentioned can be related to the author though the author will not disclose any details regarding anyone’s identity. lol


7 thoughts on “Don’t ask me how i know what i know!!!

  1. hello… i am an extremely critical person, and i think your writing style is good and original..unfortunately, both good and original do not entertain the same sentence with respect to your work… work on it…cheers

  2. chennai??…party???…wondering who i am….well was jus blog hopping when i hit on urs..ooo..cant believe this is happening in chennai…thats the very reason i shifted base to bangalore…anyways…seems like its a lot of fun…..good…

    party hard…drink till u drop..

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