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Truly Madly Deeply….

She was in a very vague and distracted mood. She could not afford to be, for she had an exam in 15 minutes. As usual, she wasn’t in the mood..

She looked out of the window. It was raining heavily. Her fingers were numb with the chillness. But she was lost in the beauty of the view. The rain seemed like a thick curtain in the green setting. The trees looked happy and were swaying with the wind. The yellow flowers aptly decorated the scene of celebration. But deep down, she knew there was something missing… Something that left her incomplete.. It took every ounce of her will power to concentrate on her exam..

An hour and a half later, she was waiting for her car to pick her up and take her back home. She sat under a tree and watched the rain. Her glasses were fogged up and she couldn’t see much around her. But she felt the rain drops land on her nose, her forehead and outstretched arms. Her thoughts returned to him again……..

Felt like someone was playing a rude joke on her, because the last time she saw him was on a rainy day like this one. It still hurt to just think about him. That day was one of the few things she would remember all her life– his white linen shirt and faded blue jeans, his lovely hair and sparkling eyes, the warmth in his eyes and his caring touch, his soft lips and bear hug. How could she ever forget any of it?! They were a part of her.. She looked around again and couldn’t see anything. This time, it was not the fogged up glasses.. She was crying…….

The memories were so fresh that it didn’t seem like the past. She wanted him… Like she never wanted anything else in her life..

It hurt even more, because she knew that it was not possible. She was never going to see him.. Ever again.. He was gone.. Not just from her life, but from this big bad world. Life was unfair. He didn’t deserve to die. She didn’t deserve to go through this agony…

She wasn’t going to feel sorry for herself because she knew he would hate it.. He was somewhere up there watching her. He knew she was feeling miserable and had come down to comfort her. Standing there, drenched in the rain, she could feel him hugging her… When a rain drop landed on her lips, she could feel his kiss…

He was always there for her.. Watching on her and taking care of her…

The yellow flowers on the tree were smiling at her.. They were telling her to be happy—- HE WAS TELLING HER TO BE HAPPY…. She looked up and said- ” I love you and I always will.. “

She was shaken out of her bliss rudely by an unearthly sound….. Her driver was honking for her.

Life will move on.. And so will she… But he will be there for her- ALWAYS


23 thoughts on “Truly Madly Deeply….

  1. Aaahaaa!!!! wat a touching story!!!! I almost fell off the chair,it was so sad, my heart is bleeding from the inside for “her”!!! btw, who is “her”? i want to give “her” a big fat hug and tell “her” that “main hoon na”!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. really cute…. btw is that girl still single? i wouldnt mind dating such a nice gal with such nice thoughts…..just tell me one truth…tell me where u lifted this story from? it sounds like a hindi movie…;) incase it isnt a movie yet, i will make one on this subject.. would u like to be the heroine? or atleast the scriptwriter? let me know asap…dyin to hear from u! bye! take care!

  3. hey..

    to anon1>> will do that!!!

    to anon2>> thappad maroongi!! This story isn’t lifted and the prospects of u dating this gal depends on how eligible u are!!

  4. Shall I spill the beans…”her” is the author’s alter ego!!! Right???

    Well, Sad stories always sell don’t they…Atta girl!!!!

    And bobo, in my opinion, I think you should seriously consider the wannabe director’s offer..lol

    Sorry sweetie…I can’t help being me..lol

  5. to dante>> thanks!! does the white linen shirt and jeans sound familiar??!!

    hmmmm.. wat can i say.. lol

    to mercury>> the “her” is not my alter ego… SO i don’t think i can make good use of the wanna-be!!!

    And its ok.. i forgive u for being urself.. lol

  6. hey..

    to ac>> thanks.. nah.. not really autobiographical..

    parts of it is, hmmm.. wat can i say, related to my life!

    to srikar>> you just made my day!!

  7. very nice story. ( kinda reminded me that I am single!). I was going through the comments and I couldn’t find your name anywhere!

  8. soap-operas these days bring back to life the dead protagonist.its time she got her beau back.your creativety is up to it.

  9. You brought back those feelings that I long back forgotten…not that someone left the planet forever…but just left forever from my life…well atleast seemed to be at that moment…
    I think we have a nice plot to just build and build and buil…well what about a twist…In fact the one you thought to have died was not really the one you thought was dead…
    keep up the writing…with lots of hugs…and wishing lots of happiness πŸ™‚ Raja

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