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hey.. i’m back

Its been a long time!! Just wanted to convince myself that i hadn’t forgotten the art (or the lack of it) of writing. I just realised that it was high time i put up a post.. I have no clue what to write. There are so many things on my mind right now. As usual nothing’s making sense because i have no time to collect my thoughts..

I’m at the office (huh.. sounds so strange even to me when i say that! lol). I have exactly 5 minutes before i start my work. I’m listening to bridge over troubled water ( S & G who else!!) Its going to be another long day of staring at the computer and wondering if i actually doing what i’m supposed to do or if i’m totally screwing it up. Especially because i dreamt last night that i got sacked!!! I’m totally psyched out..

oh oh.. What am i’m saying.. Its not exactly the best way to start a day..

I’M GONNA BE FINE!!! (hope to god i’m right 😉 )

I’m already 1 minute late.. Hopefully my next post will be a little more value adding than this one.. Thats what i hope all the time! he he


4 thoughts on “hey.. i’m back

  1. Silly girl…Don’t you worry sweetheart You’ll do just fine…just chant my name thrice before you start each day…lol

    Anyway, really missing you..but i’ll see u soon right?? Take care…and BE GOOD

  2. to merc>> miss u lots!! get your butt here asap.. 😉

    and hey, chanted your name three times last night before i went to bed last night and guess what! i woke up at 8.15 and i’ve never had such a disastrous start to any day!!

    so pls don’t suggest this to anyone else! lol

    to srikar>> yeah.. started work on the 2nd in the golti land! (jus kiddin!!)

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