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Life at Hyderabad..

Life at Hyderabad has been quite fine so far! Other than the scorching heat, unclean roads and the concentration of population in a few places like the Big Bazaar (this place will give Saravana Stores in T. Nagar a good run for their money!) and the Prasad theatre and the parks around that area, its tolerable.

I escape the peak temperature during the day (hurray!) and my house is quite cool.. So i can actually sleep peacefully at night!

My house (that i share with a colleague) is in the most happening part of the city.. Obviously we couldn’t afford anything very great, but this place is off the main rd in a small gulli (check out my hindi!!!). Opposite my place is a small li’l one building school. For the lack of students, i think it has been converted into a men’s hostel. Some very hot guys (Please note the extreme sarcasm!) happen to live there.. I have a strong feeling that their interaction or even chances of having seen the female species is very very less!

Every morning when we leave the house at around 8, the number of people who are on the road to give us a grand send off is very flattering! (This morning i was very tempted to wave out them.. My roomie freaked out! Lol). And when we come back home in the evening, be it 7 or 8 or even 11, these guys make us feel so welcome!

Even the guys can be tolerated.. The people who are intolerable are the uncles in the locality!! Talk about D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E! I thought washing my own clothes and hanging them out to dry is a big feat only to me.. But looks like these “uncals” also find it equally fascinating!!

And the people living around this place are extremely fun-loving and are celebrating something or the other.. The day we moved in, there was a wedding happening and the mantras were being blared.. That was ok.. The torture started when they started playing music.. Man, telugu dance tunes were screaming.. And only then did i realise that a good number of the tamil “kuthu pattu” is repeated in telugu (or vice-versa.. god alone knows!!). The unbearable music played from 6 in the morning till 6 in the evening!! Peace then returned..

The next day, i was woken up by really loud telugu music again.. This time it was house-warming ceremony! But one good thing is that my telugu vocabulary has improved.. Now i know more words than “Jarugandi” and “Bagunara”..

There’s Chandramukhi running here at the theatres in telugu.. I really want to go watch it!! The only thing thats stopping me is the lack of company… 😦 But i somehow will go watch a telugu movie sometime!!!

One month in this city and i know my home-town rocks!!!


7 thoughts on “Life at Hyderabad..

  1. Thats an interesting life you are leading young lady, with admiration (wanted and otherwise) from various quarters!! more reasons to wash your clothes regularly;-)

  2. Babes this is sooooo otrue n so very well written! if only one of those DESPERSTE species cud read this lol……

  3. Well , all i have to say is this , “IT TOOK U 1 MONTH THERE TO FIGURE UR HOME TOWN ROCKS

  4. Lol….
    The louder, the better is what the gult firmly believes in. Me and my friend were in one of those 9 seaters when the rhapsody started knocking the senses out of us. We stared at each other for a sec, and then broke up in laughter like maniacs. Will never forget the wierd look the driver gave me.

  5. Since U mention Saravana Stores, T Nagar, I assume your home town is Chennai. But of course Chennai rocks:-)

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