This picture carries so much significance in my life right now.

  • complaining about putting on weight
  • exercising, having to buy new clothes ‘cos the old ones don’t fit
  • spending 30 minutes in front of the mirror every morning to check which outfit camouflages the tires around the waist
  • closing your eyes everytime you pass the snack counter
  • saying no to a bar of chocolate you’ve been craving all day long
  • start the day everyday with– “I will go to the gym today”
  • post its on the desk that read– NO GOING NEAR THE SNACK COUNTER UNNECESSARILY
  • having buttermilk when you are craving to have some nice cold Coke

I have always made fun of people who did all that.. But now, its happening to me. Google is such a wrong place to be in when you want to diet or lose weight.

But the scariest thing happened last Sunday.. I was getting ready to go out. I took out these pants and wore them.. I spent around 5 minutes trying to button them before I realised what was happening.. The very same pants that i used to be able to get into a month ago didn’t fit me anymore!!!!!

This is easily the most scariest(note the double superlative) thing that has ever happened to me!


I’m depressed….


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  1. Your gym thing wont last a week… Tak e my word for it….
    And I totally agree with San….Myself shed 10 kgs in my first two months in iit…

  2. prashanth: thats nice.. cos the weather’s really good now… its raining and its pleasant..

    if u have time over the weekend, go for the sound and lights show at golconda fort. it has AB voice over and stuff..

    its a must watch!

  3. hey well…i was in dav….well do i know you by any chance…could you please mail me from your emil id so that i can correspond from gmail itself woudl be nice if you could jus ping it in soon….

  4. Whoa! Pleasant surprise seeing my blog rolled in here. That takes care of my depression!! YAY!!

    Now, What I wonder should you do to make yourself feel happie. May be should say “Nay” to Rosemilk and try non-alcoholic Daiquiri πŸ™‚

  5. have u considered getting a tagboard for your blog??

    Before Sunrise is really cool! Did you watch the sequel? It was interesting to see how the characters had changed over the years.

  6. Sweetheart… In the same boat!!! You have me for company , sympathy , empathy etc. etc.

    Best of luck with the list da.. I have my own..and mine is so much more strict!!!

  7. hi.. how is hyd? and how’s google. heard its a great place to work :). I see you are putting on weight, well thats a good excuse for shopping for new clothes πŸ˜€

  8. I’ts easy for people to say I can eat anything and no diff.. It will come back to bite them in the ass. good luck on your diet.

  9. Heh darling
    V seem to be sailing in the same boat. I too have gone ahead with ppl advicing to go on a veg or fruit diet or crazily no food at all. Anyway try to loose weight but dont break your head on it

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