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And i have been tagged

I have tagged by vipin. And its not just that, in his words “even as I can tell half of what she’s going to write”. Hmmm so let me see if he actually guessed half of what I’m going to write…

This made my job some what difficult

So where can I start?? I’m confused…

  • Ok… So that’s the place to start. I’m a very confused character. At times, knowing that I’m basically confused makes life a lot simpler.
  • I take time to make up my mind about things. But once I’m decided on something, I’m very strong and stubborn
  • I’m a typical Cancerian when it comes to the mood swings. But I’m very conscious of them and sometimes even the person next to me won’t know about it, if I don’t want them to.
  • Most of the time my room looks extremely “lived in” (I figured that it was a nice way of putting it). But when I get into the cleaning up spree, I don’t stop till the whole place is “squeaky clean”!!
  • I love traveling and want to go on a long trek and stay in some chalet and just explore the beauty of nature around me.
  • This is kinda embarrassing—I had my first crush when I was in class 12. And my first crush lasted exactly for a day. None of crushes ever last more than 3 days. That’s the record so far!
  • Have been a tom boy I hardly played any of the girly games during my childhood. I’ve always played with guys. So the only kind of games I’ve played are on the street—running, chasing, hitting, rolling on the ground and fighting etc.
  • I get along better with guys than with girls. Till date most of my friends are guys.
  • I realized that one of best friends from college was actually my street mate when we were kids. And the best part is that I remember her parents and her brother but have no recollection of having even seen her.
  • Once my friend got drunk and told me that she was heartbroken when she found out that the guy she had a huge crush on liked me!
  • I hate going to the doctor.
  • I would kill to learn to play the guitar or the drums.
  • I love music. More so singing. The days of intense singing in school were some of the best days of my life.
  • I want to learn one form of dance properly. Preferably salsa or jiving.
  • I’ve always wanted to learn classical dance—Barathnatyam. But never got around to doing so. To this day I have this deep longing and sense of loss when I see dancers performing. I’ve already decided that if I have a daughter, she WILL learn classical dance. Ya… not too fair I know 🙂
  • I’m an excellent liar. Especially making up stories and covering up.
  • I can’t act to save my life. I have absolutely no stage fear, but when I get on the stage to play a part, I just get so conscious of myself that I perform so badly
  • I’ve always wanted to be an assistant director. It’s not because of love for direction or anything. I’ve always wanted to watch the making of a movie from scratch, from close quarters.
  • Recently when I was orkuting, I stumbled upon 2 guys I knew after nearly 4 years. One of whom I had a huge crush on when I was in school (my second or third crush) and the other one is someone who I hated and who hated me equally if not more!
  • One summer, my cousins and I decided to put up a dance show for another cousin’s birthday. None of the elders knew about it and it was meant to be a surprise. We danced and it was a huge success and my dad video taped the whole thing. This happened nearly 10 years back. And today when we see that video my cousins and I want to hide under the table. We look so hideous. But I still remember how much we enjoyed it then.

Ok… so let’s see… now I’ll tag <a href=”<a href=”mercury, <a href=”<a href=”sashi !


4 thoughts on “And i have been tagged

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  2. Pseud post di!!! I personally would have guessed only one point, the first :P.

    Absolutely loved I’ve already decided that if I have a daughter, she WILL learn classical dance. What if you have a son? Will he HAVE to learn the mridangam? 😀

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