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Yet another year!

December 31st, 11.50pm

I’m standing in my room. It’s extremely cold cos there’s a huge window that overlooks the road. I love standing by window and just aimlessly staring outside. I’m leaning against the wall, looking out of my window, holding my drink in my hand not really drinking it. The booze doesn’t even interest me anymore.

I see people on the streets hugging each other and laughing over something I’m sure is not even funny. But they’re happy—it doesn’t even matter!

Someone’s blaring dhoom machale in the distance. It sounds extremely distorted due to the volume and I’m sure it’s not very enjoyable even to those people. But they’re happy—it doesn’t even matter!

This one guy is extremely drunk. All he does is giggle and he’s not too sure why he’s giggling. But he’s happy—it doesn’t even matter!

A bunch of guys are racing each other on bikes. Its looks extremely dangerous and they know it too. But they’re happy—it doesn’t even matter!

A young couple stands in the cold, shivering, their teeth chattering. But they’re happy—it doesn’t even matter!

It’s extremely noisy but the only sound I can hear is sound of ice clanking in my glass. Through my window, their world looks very different from mine where I’m all alone. Their world looks colorful and cheerful. I wonder what it would be like to live in their world. I wonder what it would be like to stand by my window hugging that one person who cares about me the most in this world.

January 1st, 12.00am

“Happy new year!!!”

I look around my room wondering whom to wish. I stare emptily at my phone. I look at my glass and gulp my drink down

But I’m happy—it doesn’t even matter!!!


8 thoughts on “Yet another year!

  1. No matter how lonely u think u are and how colorless your life may be, there will come a tme when your life will be bright nd full of color….May the Force be With You… Up the Irons

  2. hey dude,
    xtremely b-lated new yr wishes. and i knw i sound terribly cheesy when i say this, but isnt der a perfect sum1 4 anyone? hakunamatata .. one fine day like many fall into open ditches and drains, thou shalt fall in love,??

  3. hey…i have been reading your blog for quite sometime.I think you are doing a good job with your posts.I have added you to my blog list and I hope you are fine with it…

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