Another week has flown by! Looking back, this week has been really hectic and I have no clue where it went. Maybe I feel this way because last weekend was hardly a holiday. I had gone to Chennai for my convocation.

For about a week before the convocation, I was really excited. At first, it was the excitement of graduating and then, it was the excitement of seeing all my friends… I was thrilled! As the day of convocation came closer, the excitement turned into something else.

I felt like one phase of my life was over and I have entered a new phase. I could no longer get out of Coffee Day without leaving a tip and say “hey, I’m a student and I can’t afford it.” Those days have gone by!

When I was at college, I was typically one of those girls who would bitch about their college at the first chance that came their way. Man! I couldn’t wait to get out of college. Once I got out of college, I realized how much that place had become a part of my life and how badly I missed it. I missed being a backbencher, I missed sneaking out of class with Aarti to eat samosa, I missed going to the library to check movie timings, I missed doing my record during English class, I missed dancing with my friends during lunch breaks, I missed going to Gangotri, I missed Shirdi mess, I missed bunking classes and going to Satyam, I missed the chowkidar, I missed giggling during the OAT, I missed cheering for my college, I missed NCC, I missed running around the college early in the morning, I missed bitching about having to run around the college early in the morning, and most of all, I missed all the wonderful people I made friends with when I was in college!

On the day the convocation, the college was filled with squeals of “oh my god! Can’t believe you’ve changed so much…” and “it is so good to see you!!” and “heyyyyyyyyy… been looking for you all over the place”… it was heavenly… it was so nice that even the yellow convocation robes didn’t seem like such a big deal. Finally, after a lot of hugging and screaming and shouting, we were all seated at our respective places. The convocation began! The usual speeches of responsibility and duty were made. All of us had to go and stage individually and collect our certificate. We were graduates!!!!

We stood up to take the graduate’s oath after which we sang the college song. And that was the moment it actually struck all of us that we would never again enter the gates this college as its students. We were the alumni now– THE CLASS OF 2005!! Tears were flowing and it was a weird feeling. A feeling of accomplishment, sadness and happiness rolled into one. Though I was leaving the college, I got to keep something that would always be mine, forever—the memories! I have such lovely memories of my college and the people I met there. Every corner of my college reminds me of so many people, the fun we’ve had together, the laughter and the tears we’ve shared, the bond that is everlasting. And it’ll always be mine…


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  1. When I was in my undergrad, used to wonder about why the graduating students feel sad and cry leaving college. I thought it was all melodramatic and I would never resort to that.

    But when it was my time, I was feeling sad too. I have made such a wonderful set of friends in Chennai that – they used to scold me if I didnot stay at their place when I visit Chennai. A new set of guardians and relative-friends at the turn of day; wishing me the best of times.

    I used to say to them “to me, life is nothing but a collection of memories. Am glad that I had some of the best ones with YOU people”

  2. ur post just reminded me tht i’ve got only one more year to go after which i’ll be outta my’s not easy to get over ur coll blues if u get absorbed in them.

  3. Hi G3K
    Jus thought i will chk out on you blog site da.
    Missing you here in chennai.
    Yesterday, SBOA had their annual quiz show and when i told them i ouldnt make it, they asked or you by Name. Gr8 is int it.
    Js wanted to tell u that you are Missed here da.

  4. You never realise how much you love something until its not there… Tough words to digest but true nonetheless.. Loyola has become a part of me, much as stella will be a part of you. Throughout life, the years yu spent there will give you courage, strength and will bring a smile to your face…Never forget who you are, and where you come from. For to forget the past is to dismantle the future…

  5. Hey Gayatri…nice to see you back after a month…I have been going through your blog…this post brings back a lotta memories…goodjob!!
    Suchithra Ganesh

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