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The Rainbow

The day started out being a typical Monday. Got pissed off early in the morning with a few people and my day was ruined (or so I thought). Its raining here now and I just saw something that made my day..

The biggest, brightest and the most beautiful rainbow.. EVER! I can’t tell how amazing it looked..

Life doesn’t seem so bad afterall..

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9 thoughts on “The Rainbow

  1. hey…thanks a ton for dropping by…and im glad to see u post once again 🙂

  2. di it’s me! fellow stella bunker… really not helpin am i? and thanks for sending me a comment. 🙂 u were wondering who I was…

  3. your blog is very good! and i liked the college convocation and also the one at the last 😉 !
    Keep Blogging!

  4. i had read about blogs but never had seen the actual thing on the net. today when i got bored i strolled into the nearest cafe and searched for blogs on google. on the google site the first thing that caught my eyes was the beautiful title of your blog.
    Read it, found very refreshing.You write very beautifully. Thanks because through you i have stumbled into a whole new world.

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