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For the good old times…

For people who are familiar with this space and my ramblings, depressingly melancholic stuff about my life is not new. Today, I’m in a different mood. Life is beautiful. Happiness, for me, is those small little things that make me smile every time I think of them. It’s those things that make life worth living.

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom, for me and you
And I think to myself “what a wonderful world”

Last one year, life has been a long roller coaster ride. It has been one year (almost) since I moved to Hyderabad. The nostalgic mood that I’m in has made me want to list all those small little things that still make me smile when I think about them.

So here I go

–All my friends coming over to my place the day before I left Chennai. The entire jing-bang came to the airport the next morning. (Even though it was to look at the air hostesses there)

–Reaching Hyderabad and being treated like royalty for a whole month at the guest house!!! (I’m stilling trying to lose the weight I put on then!!!!)

–When I entered Google on the 2nd of May, I felt like Alice in Wonderland. One of the most exciting days I’ve had. (I couldn’t stop smiling… how kiddish..)

–Walking all around Hyderabad in the scorching sun, looking for a house! The heat got to us so much that we started singing “Pardesi Pardesi jaana nahi…” and other such equally stupid songs. (No wonder people gave us dirty looks ;))

–The joy of finding a house and actually moving in there. (Yippee)

–Walking around Hyderabad, trying to find a vegetarian restaurant for my mom. (Chutneys and naivedhyam rock!!)

–The amazing ride along the ISB road. (and not to forget the great company!!! 🙂 are u reading this?)

–Living all alone for a month. It was a li’l depressing at times but there were times when I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

–Discovered this amazing restaurant called ‘Carrots.’ This is one restaurant I’m totally in love with. And the best part is, I really don’t know why.

–Got a li’l pat on my back at the office. Certainly a proud moment.

–Rhythm came in to my life (yesssss… that’s my music system. Totally blew my first month’s salary on it. I totally love it)

–Bringing Rhythm back home and feeling on top of the world! (I was hoping my landlord won’t throw me out for blaring music..)

–Cooked my first meal. Realized the greatness of ghar ka khana! (Mama…)

–My first ever birthday away from home. Diya, Vipin and Vinayak standing outside my house with a cake at 10.30 in the night. (We finally had wake Diya up at 12 when we were cutting the cake)

–That one weekend when Vipin, Diya, Vinayak and me went sightseeing in Hyderabad. What an awesome weekend. Loved every minute of it.

–That one dinner at Carrots that will remain etched in my memory forever.

–A note that was given to me as a token of getting 10/10 on this person’s likeability ratings. (I still have the note)

–Moving into the PG and discovering the joy of walking at night with an ice cream from Melting Moments. (Another reason for my gaining weight)

–Coming back home every once in a while and getting pampered royally! (I really love it)

–Movie binging with my friends and screaming and whistling in the theatre! (My friends are probably too scared to tell me that they’re embarrassed…)

–Sujith and Anu’s wedding. Something I wouldn’t have missed come hell or high water.

–Making up with my friend and finally getting to tell him that I didn’t enjoy us fighting. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we fought again. (Some people never change… yep I know)

–My mom proudly wearing the saree I bought her!

–Alankrita, a place that I really like and have a lot of memories about.

–My sister coming to Hyderabad… I took her to a discotheque and she was thrilled… (I know… I’m an amazing older sister :))

–The happening trip to Bangalore. Thoroughly enjoyed the girly bonding with my cousins.

–Some hard times and the people who helped me tide over it.

–My new look that was a total success (yeah yeah I understand. Will put up my picture very soon)

–Getting smashed at Touch!

–My convocation in January and the day spent with my friends. Love you guys… (Not in a “chick flick” kinda way… really mean it and you guys know that)

–The look on Sneha’s face when she saw me on her b’day. Truly a Kodak moment!

–When she could finally speak, the way she said “oh shit, you’re actually here!!!”

–Watching the rain at 4 in the morning, cuddled up in a blanket… one of the most romantic things EVER

–My friend and me sitting on a couch in a pub and just talking.

–New hopes about old times and now glad that they were shattered.

–Admiration from someone I expected the least!

Oh god, and the list keeps growing. And what can I say

It truly is a wonderful world!


36 thoughts on “For the good old times…

  1. Hey.. Well thank god no one had a camera.. I can only imagine how dumb struck I looked, because I sure know how dumb struck I felt!!!

    I Don’t know if you will ever get how NICE it was to see you! And how happy and thrilled I was that you had connived and plotted with Ash to make it!!

    And yeah, first sentences after temporary brain freeze aren’t really my forte.. So, sorry if it wasn’t too profound!! Lol…

  2. chutneys and naivedhyam!the former’s supposed to be eaten as a side-dish and the latter’s supposed to be consumed in a little quantity.or are these the names of restaurants in hyd??

  3. Nice blog. And yup, Chutney’s is awesome! Probably one of the very few good places in Hyderabad (other than the biryani ones).

  4. Nice sentimental blog! Nice to hear that I am not the only manic depressive out loose in the world!

    By the way, do googlers get to place ads on google’s ad service for free? Or do you have to pay too?

  5. One of the things I would add to the list of things that make me smile is reading the list of things that makes you smile.



  6. Great.I am from a small town called Bhilai.You seem to be like a small girl of an indian village enjoying all the good things of mother nature.Keep loving the world.It shall reciprocate.

  7. sem for a personal blog – dint think anyone would do it!

    are you deliberately trying to advertise ur blog? or are u a trainee in an sem organization, where they will pay for an sem campaign for ur blog, so u learn sem practically?

    good stuff anyway!

  8. Hi! happened to notice that you are doing SEM for your blog! that’s amazing! hey can u tell me pls how to add a link (desrination url) on some word that appears in my blog? you seem to understand it pretty well nd i’m just not able to figure it out 😦
    my blog is http://annucool15.blogspot.com/

  9. Was looking up Blog’s with the intent to start one myself. Got so hooked on to your Blog – could not stop myself from going thru the entire Blog. Amazingly simple and honest Blog. Way to go. Loved it.

  10. Oh great It made me remember what I am missing Even have forgotten to recount my those beautiful moments thanks for being a catalyst

  11. Small things in life, can make it beautiful.
    Adapting, getting used to, and getting indifferent about ur life, is human nature. From the Philospher’s stone, [Dumbledore] What Black did was become indifferent to the house elf, and getting indifferent to can cause a lot more damage than hating people outright.

    Just wanted to muse, and did that.
    Nice post

  12. Hi…I searched for “interesting reads” on Google and viola.. urs was the only link which came under sponsored links column… I clicked on that and u know till now i have finished reading all of ur posts since last september.. lets c when this will end today.. 🙂

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