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A Karan Johar in the making wrote this in the middle of the night! It is lowe poetry. The kinds that profess undying love in the Bollywood movies. Please keep in mind the fact that this guy was high on coffee and cigarettes when he came up with this… Its not my influence!

He called me up in the middle of the night (at around 2) and we were having our usual crazy conversation. Suddenly the creative streak in him took over and he started reciting poetry–TR style. When I hear amazing talent, I can identify it immediately and I knew this was one of a kind. So I grabbed a pen and paper and started writing it down as he reeled it off. But what can I say da, I’m touched. So here you go,

Stars are bright and the moon is light
You never know, I might
I’m scared of height
But I like to fly a kite
Shoo! You keep quiet
You know I’m right

I’m the rose, you’re the petal
I like pop, you like metal
I’m Hansel and you’re Gretel

We could not go on anymore cos the craziness of the whole thing kinda hit us. After he lost his groove as well…

But if you ever run out of career options, you can become TR’s assistant da.. He will welcome you with open arms!

PS: People who want to know more about the “Karan Johar,” contact me for details


3 thoughts on “

  1. We sit together, you and I
    When trakken gets boring, shall we fly?
    To lands in distant poloroid dreams
    Where tall, dark, handsomes live, it may seem

    When it’s time to join in forces
    And prepare ourselves for new courses
    We stop work and turn around
    Childish and silly as it may sound

    I may not be Hansel and you aren’t my Gretel
    And thank god for that before I prove my mettle

    But it’s been fun so far
    Our frandhsheep nothing will mar
    But I wouldn’t want to be the next Karan Johar.

    Ok, so the last few lines didn’t rhyme. 😀

  2. yeah i want to know more abt this karan johar.and i also want to know if he would make a highly emotional movie like K3G.

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