Men may come and men may go.

However, there are a few people who not only leave a part of them with you but also take a part of you with them when they go.

There is one such person in my life. I do not stop to think about him everyday. I don’t even realise his absence for days on the end. At times I don’t even remember his face clearly. But there are times when I want him back.. desperately. Few days back, when I had gone home, it was filled with people. Some of them were people I hadn’t met in ages. Some of them were people I wouldn’t miss even if I didn’t meet them for the rest of my life. But his absence was haunting. I wanted to be brave and act like nothing was wrong. The moment someone mentioned him, tears welled up in my eyes. But I blinked it away immediately.

He would hate to see me cry.

He was someone I just took for granted. That he was always going to be there with me and be there for me, whenever I needed him. When I was in school, he would walk me to my bus stop everyday and buy me Eclair chocolates. Not just for me, but for 2 other girls who travel with me to school everyday. There have been days I’ve snatched the chocolates away from him without even bothering to thank him for it.

I’ve seen him cry just once, when I was in the hospital. The brave, tough, macho man broke down in front of everyone when the nurses came to wheel me to the operation theatre. It was then that I realised that this man would’ve given anything to just see me get well. This incident, even at that age, it left a deep, ever-lasting impression in me. Maybe he really loved me.

He was also the cool guy I loved showing off. My friends loved him ‘cos he made them laugh and of course bought them chocolates. He had an uncanny knack with people and languages. Even when he was sick, his sense of humour made him a favorite with all the nurses. They would keep coming in every 5 mins to “check” on him.

He was not a perfect man. But, I learnt a lot from him. Every time someone mentions him, I glow with pride. I’m simply proud of the fact that I knew this man. We used to have “man-man” talks about everything from religion to philosophy to politics to the family squabbles to the olden times. Maybe I really loved him.

Miss you thatha…


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  1. That was really nice.
    I believe that even though no one mentioned it, there was a big void in the Poonal. That was the first major function after he passed, and he was missed a great deal.

    I love this article because I agree with you 100%.

    Miss you, Thatha

  2. Wow….I have never read anything that would eventually make me cry…So true…there are some people whom I won’t miss even if I do not see them for the rest of my life,but I fear to think of times that I will be left alone without my grandparents…I think thats what teared my eyes…such a lame feeling….VERY WELL WRITTEN!!!

    [ps:Thanks for your exam wishes!]

  3. I know how exactly it feels like when someone you love the most goes away. But I feel, they always remain around you in your memories. The physical absence doesn’t hurt that much then.
    Take care lady… šŸ™‚

  4. hmmm… an apt post… you have an art replicating your feelings very clearly.. even I had one adorable grandpa.. reminded me of the days when he used to teach me gita and all that stuff… he made a remarkable mark in my life . miss him very much..

    Thanks 4 the post…. it was quite close to my feelings

  5. Awesome post…very touching…and sorry your granddad isn’t there anymore.

    Can relate to it a lot, I too have very fond feelings for my granddads…they both in some ways have always been (and still are) my role-models.

    Guess the mark of a good writer is when he/she inspires a total stranger to leave a comment like this!

    Keep on writing!

  6. I love the way you build up your thoughts and put them in words.

    very sweet post. shows how mcuh you care for your grandpa.

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