She looked at her watch and sighed. One hour until it was time for her to get back to work again. She parked carelessly next to the black car and entered the mall. Just as much as she hated this last minute running around, it was something about her that would never change.

She was pretending to look at the clothes, hoping that the salesman who was trying to sell her that gaudy dress would give up. She turned around and saw a very familiar face about 10 feet away. She looked away not giving it any thought. Suddenly, it struck her!

“Can’t be her….” she thought.

But the resemblence was uncanny! It had to be her. Unable to stop herself, she walked up to her and said “Um… Excuse me.. Mithila, right??”

Mithila looked up with an unsure expression on her face. Her face suddenly lit up and she said, “Kripa, is that you… Oh my God! I don’t believe this.”

Somehow, she didn’t believe it either! It was too.. well for the lack of any better adjective, surreal. After the usual, “how are you” and “You haven’t changed one bit,” they didn’t have very much to say to each other. Afterall 5 years is a long period of time.

Maybe that’s why it felt surreal…

Kripa sat down in her car and held on to her steering wheel for support. She was still reeling from the meeting. She met Mithila, her best friend, after ages. They had been the wierd pair in college. Wierd, because they were sooo different. Kripa, was the popular girl who everyone wanted to be friends with and Mithila, was the pretty girl who was always seen with her, but seldom heard!

Time went by and priorities changed. Kripa started seeing less and less of Mithila and one day she just disappeared from Kripa’s life. For a long time, she waited for that one phone call, telling her that nothing had changed and she just needed some time by herself. She was willing to wait for Mithila to come around. Perhaps she waited for too long.

Kripa always thought that it was always possible for both of them to kick off from where exactly they left. Today, she realised that she was wrong. She found that the void that was created in her life when she lost her best friend was filled. It ached to lose her best friend, but that ache had vanished with time and it all seemed like one hazy dream.

She took one deep breath and looked at her watch. 15 mins until she was due back at work. She reversed her car out and drove out of the mall without even looking back.

PS: Happy Birthday to me… I’m 21… Finally!!!


14 thoughts on “

  1. Happy B’day to you,
    Happy B’day to you,
    Happy B’day to Confused!

    er.. i don’t remember the rest, but i believe there was something about otters and all.

    anyway, here’s wishing u a rocking year ahead. cheers!

  2. as they say friends never say goodbye….

    p.s:the keyboard played culprit in the previous post goof-up:-(

    p.p.s:you bet me in the race to 21:-)

  3. Belated Happy B’day!!:D

    We often boast that when friendship is strong and emotions run deep, time and distance can’t diminsh its glory..but its soo untrue…Time and distance do change our priorities!

  4. its poor foresight that undermines the power of time..
    out of out of mind..

    keep updating this site..

    happy b’day

  5. Life is after all a collection of memories

    If they are having good time, friends meet; and if there is no fun, then …….

    And there are numerous definitions of what comprises an ‘interesting person’. We make friends according to our choice, right?

  6. Hey Confused…
    Belated Happy Birthday….hope you had a fantastic day…
    Btw,did you get mango as well for the fruits??

  7. A poignant tale with such a happy ending!!, your birdey ofcourse. Hope the day turned out fabulous, exactly the way you wanted it πŸ™‚

  8. hi there…..
    came across yr blog while roamin arnd…
    nice blog u got there….hope u dont mind me linking it in mine…

    cheers…and keep blogging πŸ™‚


  9. you have been tagged..please go to my blog and u’ll see the tag that u are supposed to do…I hope you dont mind πŸ™‚

  10. I do remember wishing you Happy Birthday….but here’s again. Belated happy birthday. And ya ya…i remember i still have to get you a gift ! πŸ™‚

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