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I’m back and I’ve been tagged!

I am thinking about

What I’m going to be doing this weekend
About how Fridays are so tantalizing ‘cos the weekend is almost here but not quite here

I said

Nothing much from the morning, I’m not too much of a morning talking person. If someone starts a conversation, I will join in, but I generally don’t start a conversation.

I want

To take off on a long trek now, ‘cos the weather’s brilliant
To do something different
Wake up everyday, looking forward to doing something that will make at least one person smile

I wish

There was a beach in Hyderabad. I miss the beach and its molaga bajji so much.

I wonder

How people can not be punctual (my driver made me wait for 25 mins this morning. My roommate and I were raving mad.)

I regret


I can’t

Be diplomatic. I’m very blunt with people I can’t stand

I am

A typical cancerian. Moody, fun loving, possessive, protective, love music, books and writing, can’t speak when I’m angry, don’t get angry very easily, there are very few people I actually care about, home bird, sucker for sentiment, and need a lot of motivation to clean my room!

I dance

When I’m high (not necessarily on alcohol)

I sing

All the time..

I need

My beauty sleep at night. Can not function like a normal human being when I’m sleep deprived.

I cry

When I experience extremes of emotions, happiness, sadness, anger, anything

I make

Decent vathakozhambu and potato curry. I also make good pongal and chocolate.

I write

All the time. I carry a notepad with me always. Writing is my vent.

I confuse

Jus about everyone, ‘cos I’m one hell of a confused person

I miss

My college life.. Those were easily the best days of my life.

I will

Go to some obscure village in France and spend at least a month away from everyone and everything I know

I should try

And be more friendly and diplomatic
And clean my room more often
And be more optimistic about life!

I’m not going to tag anyone after this! Will put up a post soon… (well.. will try to at least) lol


4 thoughts on “I’m back and I’ve been tagged!

  1. hey confused…we do have a couple of things in common…i tagged u since it had been a long time since i read something from u….u did a goodjob!…looking forward for ur next post..

  2. Those 40 lines just made your life an open book. Isn’t that what blogs are for? Well expressed!

    Merci for that Goa comment. I did drench myself with the salty sea and sweet heavens at Palolem, the best beach of all. I am still on a high.

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