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My Super Ex- Girlfriend : He broke her heart. She broke his everything.

I’ve never really put up a proper movie review on my blog. But today, I feel the urge to do so. There are 2 reasons a movie might feature on someone’s list of unforgettables. Reason 1 (or the sane reason)—the movie was such an unforgettable experience, that you would want to cherish it, forever. Reason 2 (or the absolutely maddening/insane reason)—the movie made you feel rotten and useless and made you wonder how in the name of the god damn devil did people sitting around you enjoy that crap!

There are times in my life when I feel that things can not possibly get worse, and guess what they actually do. This is one such story. My friend and I, out of sheer boredom and lack of anything better to do (he refused to agree with me that checking out the Shoppers Stop sale was actually not so bad.. but now, he’s changed his mind), decided to go for a movie. The ever-ambitious me, thought that by some stroke of luck, we might be able to get tickets for Lage Raho Munna Bhai. We go to the theater about 2 hours before the show to realize that the only movie that we can go for is this brilliant movie called My Super Ex- Girlfriend.

Both of us, the optimistic selves that we are, decided to go for it. In his words, “nah, can’t get too bad, can it??” We didn’t quite realize that we were going to find out how wrong we were. Armed with lots of Pepsi, we both settled into the cozy, comfy PVR cinemas seats. Till the movie started, we had no idea even about the cast. Uma Thurman flashed on screen and his optimism increased (yeah, right!).

To cut the long story short, Matt (Luke Wilson) dumps Jenny (Uma Thurman), who happens to be a super woman (my foot) when he realizes he’s in love with his colleague, Hannah (Anna Faris). The jealous ex- girlfriend takes revenge on him by disrupting his life completely. So Matt helps her childhood boyfriend, Professor Bedlam to strip her off her powers. This confusion ends up in his girlfriend, Hannah, also turning into a superwoman. Phew!

So, what was wrong with the movie? Hmmm.. Good question and the answer is, EVERYTHING

A worn-out-with-age story line, cheap lines culted (flicked) from B grade movies (read porn movies), bad acting, sick direction and to top it all off, extremely sick humor. G-girl, who’s supposed to be a superwoman, is portrayed as a retard, so much so that it gets to you after the first 2 mins. The twisting knife, denting the fridge, breaking the car glass and throwing a shark into his apartment, whatever!

The cheesiest part has to be Jenny’s hair turning blond when she becomes a superwoman and Hannah’s hair turning brunette from blond when she becomes one too… Honestly, what was with that???

Some of the highlights of the script:

Jenny, the jealous girlfriend talking, “I don’t need infra-vision to see through that.”

Matt telling his friend about Jenny, “it was so good. I mean, she broke my bed.” (no kidding!)

Prof Bedlam keeping the piece of rock that can destroy G-Girl in his fridge, next to the ham.

I guess you’ve kinda got an idea now. But, what can I say, all’s well that ends well.. In the sense that we didn’t bite each other’s head off. True friendship prevailed.

So, do yourselves a favour and stay away from that movie. My good deed for the day is done!


6 thoughts on “My Super Ex- Girlfriend : He broke her heart. She broke his everything.

  1. Ah! A hair ruddling experience, you mean ta say 🙂

    If the SS sale is labelled “irresistable” this movie must be “irreclaimable” 😀

  2. HAHAHAHA…reading ur review was THE BEST…loads and loads of sarcasm…I can imagine how you and your friend would have felt after coming out of the theatre…

  3. Your post epitomises the frustration you went through. Think you failed to mention that the theatre owners paid YOU to watch this movie.
    The sadistic me will recommend all to watch this masterpiece:)

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