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‘Tell me the truth,’ he demanded, ‘is she hot?? Or is it jus the picture??’

‘How the hell am I supposed to answer that question?’ I was getting irritated. I never really have too much patience with people like him. But, after half an hour of constant interrogation, I was beginning to seriously lose my temper. Darn orkut (with all due respect to Google. the cheesy pick up lines and guys wanting intro to the ‘hot chick’ on your friends list)

‘Ok, let me put it this way. Do you ever feel threatened when you’re with her?’

The new line of questioning caught my attention.

‘What exactly do you mean?’

‘You know, do feel like you don’t get any attention when you’re around her? Or that all the guys are looking only at her. Do you feel like the match-stick girl or Cinderella before she met the fairy??’

As much as knew that he hit the nail on the head, I said ‘what crap! Where did you get that idea from?? Girls don’t feel threatened by other girls.’

I was lying through my teeth (not that I ever felt threatened when I was with the girl he was talking about.. lol). I wasn’t going to tell him what was going on in my head. The conversation took a different turn and we spoke about a lot of different things. But what he said was still playing at the back of my head. He actually had a very valid point, as much I hated to admit it to myself. I really thought about it though (I promise!)

Later, caught up with the mundane work I do for a living, I completely forgot about the whole conversation. That evening, a bunch of my friends and I decided to go to a pub. Though it was the middle of the week, we all needed a break. After going there we found out that ‘the ladies’ drinks were on the house.’ After some serious grumbling, the guys settled down to do some serious drinking. Our table was right in front of the entrance. So when ever someone walked in, I invariably turned to glance at the latest additions to the already crowded and rowdy population in the pub.

I sensed someone walking in. When I turned to take a look, it was very huge, inappropriately dressed lady (read aunty). She was wearing a black shiny skirt (that was much too shiny), a black net top that was struggling to hold all her flab that was pouring out of the clothes and a shiny pair of silver stilettos. Behind her walked in another girl who was as thin as a rake. She made me feel obese (I’m not! I feel that way only in moments of serious inadequacies). She was wearing a very nice blue halter and pretty white short skirt. The shade of blue she was wearing was my favorite color and I’ve been wanting to buy a nice skirt for ages now (from my tone, I’ve obviously not succeeded). I was busy scrutinizing her make up and clothes and secretly cursing that I never found anything that nice when I went shopping that I didn’t notice my friend staring at me (not the one I had the conversation with, earlier that day, this is another one). He burst out laughing and said, ‘Stop gaping at all the women who walk in!’ I blushed so hard that I was thankful for the scanty lighting.

When everyone around me was busy taking my trip, I was thinking about the conversation I had earlier that day. I couldn’t stop laughing. He was sooo right. So dudes, next time you want to pick out (up) the hottest woman, ALWAYS ask a girl. She might refuse to tell you though! Now, that’s a totally different issue.


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  1. LOL, you know, “If everyone calls you when they want a snap taken”, says a friend of mine, “It means you make them look nice in the photograph”. Self explanatory eh??!!

  2. man! first time here! 🙂 good one.. never thot of my frndz this way! 😀 but we galz are the one whos commenting so we rarely wait to her wht others comment abt us 😀

    good blog u got!

  3. Hilarious n honest !!! I njoyed reading it !
    btw jus a thought…as long as the guy’s a good friend and doesnt ask you in a derogatory manner, help him 🙂

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