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General Ramblings

The long weekend was relaxing and fun. Two movies in the theater, coupla more at home on TV, bonding with roommate, some booze (liar.. liar), lots of talking and some reading. I watched Stalin (starring Chiranjeevi, woo hoo), Woh Lamhe (starring Shiney Ahuja), Hanuman (the cute animation movie) and Rang De Basanti (for the 5th time… I love it!). I read a book called “I never promised you a rose garden” by Joanne Greenberg (will save the book review for someother time). Time for some movie review!

Stalin, Man for the Society [Telugu] (I’m not rating this movie ;))—the movie was in one word, entertaining. I was in splits through the movie. I watched it in the theater with a bunch of friends. It so happened that I was sitting next to an ardent Chiru fan! At the risk of offending him, I laughed till my stomach ached. No story, political message was too weak; music was not even passable, screenplay was at it worst, the heroine came on screen when they needed to create a situation for a song (not that they needed an excuse). Kushboo had a decent role. However, it was hard to believe that she was Chiranjeevi’s elder sister! I guess I expected a little more from the director. Anyways, I had an amazing time and I’m not complaining.

Woh Lamhe (2.5/5): Kangana Ranaut is a successful actress who suffers from Schizophrenia and Shiney Ahuja, the young director, falls in love with her and wants to help her recover from her illness. An amazingly gripping story, it had amazing potential. I was quite impressed with the first 15 minutes of the movie, after which, the screenplay becomes a little too weak and loses that effect. Though the director has tried to bring in an element of surprise and thrill, the movie is very predictable. Most of the scenes that made an impact have been lifted directly from the movie “A Beautiful Mind.” Shiney Ahuja and Kangana Ranaut have performed their parts well. The music is mellifluous and strikes a chord. The movie is definitely once watchable.

PS: I understand Telugu, by the way.

PPS: I’ve been trying to add my blog to youtube and Google Videos. It’s been throwing some error that I’ve not been able to figure out. Any geeks out there who can help me??


3 thoughts on “General Ramblings

  1. Yeah…Woh Lamhe seems to be a Parveen Babi – Mahesh Bhatt biopic. Have to catch it. Though I must admit that I have found both Shiney and Kangana to be quite capable actors

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