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Yethanai kodi inbam vaithai, iraiva!

I live very far from my office; about 23 km. but I don’t mind the distance. In fact, I quite like the sitting in the cab for 2/2.5 hours everyday. The morning ride is shorter than the evening one. I hate having the AC on in the morning just for the reason that it’s glorious at that time of the day. Even during summers, it’s not hot as yet and the sky looks fresh. When I see children waiting for their school bus, I’m reminded of my school days when my grandfather used to drop us the bus stop. We used to eat Samosa at this small, dingy, dirty shop on our way to school from the bus stop. The Samosa used to cost us Rs. 2 and that was the biggest delicacy I knew. My mouth still waters when I think about that Samosa.

I’m not a very morning person and don’t like making small talk early in the morning. So, the best way, I figured to not have to talk to anyone, is my iPod. I put my iPod on and stare outside the window. Or I keep a book open and stare at it. Even when someone addresses me, I sit there as if I don’t exist. When they wave their hand in front of my face and try really really hard to get my attention, then I look up and smile and get back to iPod.

There are days when I wake up the morning thinking of one song and my mind can not process anything else till I listen to that song. I listen to random songs in the morning and every one of them transport me to another place and time. I think of people I haven’t met or spoken to or even kept in touch with in a long time. I suddenly get reminded of vague dreams that I dreamt, something I forgot to do 3 days back, a certain line in a complicated poem that I didn’t understand when I read it the previous night, I forget if I left my balcony door open, I smile to myself to when I think of some stupid joke someone told, sometimes I don’t even know what I’m thinking about. My thoughts go too far before I can trace them. When the cab speeds, the strong wind blows on my face. My hair is disheveled and I’m scared my contact lenses are going to be blown away. But I’m happy! Truly, completely happy. Even on my worst days, a nice cab ride in the morning can cheer me up, more than anything.

In the evenings, the traffic is crazy, everyone’s rushing back home, there’s chaos every where. When I look around, I try to imagine what those people’s lives around me are like. What could be their names? Did they have a bad day at work? Maybe they’re scrutinizing me the same way I’m scrutinizing them. Maybe they’re anxiously honking cos their children are waiting all alone at home. Maybe the couple in the car have a bad marriage. They’re all alone in the car and they have nothing to say to each other. Both of them have a bored expression on their face. Are they planning the dinner menu? Maybe they want to get totally drunk tonight. Are they going back home to their loved ones? Or is an empty house with a music system waiting for them just like me? I wonder…

Yethanai kodi inbam vaithai, engal iraiva!

How many crores of object of happiness have you created around us, oh God! (lose translation, and trust me, it sounds much better in Tamil)


8 thoughts on “Yethanai kodi inbam vaithai, iraiva!

  1. Heh U confused soul, This was a gr8 blog…So much said abt the daily life of ours in simple language..I truly like your style..Keep it up

  2. Hey…we have quiet a few things in common…every morning,when i wake up…i think of my loved ones and there is usually a song that will run in my mind and i would listen to it…then when i think about people…be it loved ones or random people I will start to trace my dream….like how you said…these thoughts will go to such heights that I would be laughing at something silly someone told me a long while back…and Im not a morning person at all..so it takes me an hour or 2 to start talking….

    btw,I like your title for this post….

  3. I remember…

    I would visit my grandparents’ in the summer and I’d let myself be cossetted by my cousins. R would take me on his bicycle to this little shop where they’d sell these little-hot-onion-samsas (Yeah thats what they were called, Samsa, not Samosa..) and we’d get a whole lot of them home, wrapped in a newspaper. Weren’t they yummie!!

    Damn, I miss the Samsa but I miss R more. Our relationship has been irreparably damaged and I don’t see any which way I can reconcile with someone who was once my favoritestestestest cousin 😦

  4. Well said…mornings are when our brains are completely free of any sadness or malice and just waiting to be filled up. By evening, its all cluttered with life’s complexities.

  5. I love the song with the same title sung by bombay jayashree… It gives a musical version of ur blog i suppose :)…Nice post !

  6. Ok, tell me that this is the samosa shop at the corner near the chinthamani signal, near that dirty railway reservation counter/tasmac building?? Fantastic samosas, and with awesome chutney too! I think I gobbled up their samosas once at least a week for the one and a half years I was there!


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