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Guru — Music Review

I finally decided that I had left this space unattended for a long time! So I’m back with a bang. Quite literally, ‘cos I’m back with the music reviews of one of the most talked about, speculated, and looked-forward-to music albums of this year.

Most of ARR’s songs grow on me. My first impression is generally so fogged and unclear that I need to listen to the song a few more times to decide why I like/don’t like the song. The same thing happened with Guru. But, this time there were a few songs that got me hooked on the very first time.

Baazi Laga –Bhargavee, Madhushree, Swetha, Udit Narayan 2/5

The feel of this song is that of the 80s. The melody is very straightforward. No complications, simple lilting happy song. But the simple lilting, happy songs of ARR are also supposed to have something special (remember, choti si aasha!). This one lacks that captivating factor. This is the first song I listened to in this album. When I was done with this song, I kinda become apprehensive about the rest of the songs! Certainly not a good first song. Udit Narayan has done his job well, as usual.

Let’s hope the picturisation of this song has something more to offer!

Barso Re — Shreya Ghoshal, Keerthi 3/5

The song that starts with the Naa naa re and Shreya teases us with her voice. The flute and the dol create a perfect opening for the song. The beats of the song made me want to get up and start dancing. Shreya’s style of rendition is brilliant. It’s almost like she’s teasing the rain and daring to seduce it! She’s one of the most gifted singers currently (if you don’t take her Tamil pronunciations into account!!) and she doesn’t waste any opportunity to remind us of this.

I hope this song is picturised on Aishwarya Rai! Manirathnam, with his brilliant picturisation in Oho Megam vandhadho (Mouna Ragam), set the trend of rain songs rolling in the 80s. Rain songs no longer meant, white sarees or transparent clothes that clung to the bodies of the heroines. I hope to see the same classy romanticism in this song!

Ek lo ek muft — Bappi Lahiri, Chitra 3/5

The drunk mood for this Bhaang song is set with the women singing “joyaa joyaa joyaa.” I was in splits when I heard the opening. Gulzaar has yet again done a brilliant job with the lyrics. He’s set new standards for himself! Bappi da has slurred perfectly and done justice to the mood of the song. I read somewhere that this is going to be Mallika’s item number. Perfect choice.

Halfway through, a very pleasant female voice starts singing. I had no clue that it was Chitra. What can I say about Miss. Perfection herself! When it comes to her singing, I know I’m biased. But, can I help it 🙂 She deserves it!

On the whole, a very enjoyable thathuva padal!

Ey Hairathe — Hariharan, Alka Yagnik 3.5/5

The prelude of this song reminds me of that song in Kyun Ho gaya naa, Aao naa. Once Hariharan starts singing, I’m transported to another world. ‘Aashiqi, Jagaa mat,’ and I don’t want to open my eyes. The magic of his voice works yet again. Suddenly, the tempo of the songs picks up unexpectedly. When Alka Yagnik goes ‘jhooton ki shehanshah bolo naa,’ the songs just melts into my being.

This song will surely feature of the list of favorites of every ARR fan.

Jaage Hain — Chitra, Madras Choral Group, ARR 3.5/5

This seems to be a song that will be used to set the mood of the movie. Madras Choral Group has done a brilliant song. But when I saw that ARR has used a choral group, I expected something with a lot of harmony and blend of voices. But, here he’s used the voices for power and has built a cresendo!

When ARR and Chitra sing ‘Jaage hain dher tak hame, kuch dher sone dho,’ they truly seem fatigued! Again, I told you, she deserves it 🙂

Mayya — Chinmayi, Keerthi, Toller 3/5

This song reminded me of a coupla song of Rahman. The sensuality of Machhakari and the feel of Satrangi Re. This song has a very egyptian feel to it. Toller has done a brilliant job. Has she sung with ARR before this? Don’t remember listening her. Chinmayi has complemented Toller’s voice perfectly (more thoughts on Chinamayi’s singing below). In all, this is probably the song that falls under the ‘world music’ category. However, the song gives me ‘i-have-heard-this-before’ feeling.

Tere Bina — ARR, Chinmayi 4/5

‘Bin tere kya jeena’ — Rahman’s voice seems to have this unique quality of adding substance to every song that he sings! As for Chinmayi, it’s good to have her back. After the stunning debut in Kannathil Muthamittal, she’s not had a big break. Manirathnam seems to work his charm not only on his heroines but also on singers. Chinmayi’s voice seems much more mature and throatier. She sounds very promising in this song. Let’s hope she gives the Bollywood voices a run for their money!! Way to go Chinmayi..

This is definitely a haunting song. I’m already humming the same line over and over again.

To sum it up, is this the best Mani-ARR combination? Definitely not. But this album, at least a couple of songs, are going to top the charts. I wouldn’t call this the best work of ARR in 2006. But can’t wait to watch these songs on screen. Btw, Abhishek looks sooo hot! Sigh..

PS: Haven’t seen any stills of Maddy, Vidya Balan or Mithun in Guru’s promos!


5 thoughts on “Guru — Music Review

  1. I am still humming Tere Bina…the harmony is awesomely used…
    Also in Mayya it transfers from the middle east tune to a Guajarati folk so easily,…
    I cant wait to see how he has picturised these…

  2. AR’s my best and am dying to hear this innings from him. I feel his music slowly gets onto one to hit the “liking” mode. Hopefully, this is another class act.

  3. Ahh.. I believe you have seen the movie by now. If you haven’t just wanted to tell that all your assumptios about the song situations are just perfect. I loved the songs more after watching the movie :-).

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