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Music Review — Mozhi

Music: Vidyasagar
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Anbe Sivam was the film that made a lot of people sit up and take notice of the quiet music director who, in my opinion, has always done a wonderful job. Uyirodu uyiraga, Run, Alli Thanda Vaanam, Priyam, have some briliant evergreen melodies. His melody and orchestration style reminds me of Ilayaraja at times. I guess, it’s more the stamp of music from the good old days! This album is going to yet another feather in his cap.

Everytime I think there are so many new voice that can potentially replace SPB, he makes me fall in love with his voice all over again. Kannal Pesum Penne is easily one of his best songs in the recent times. When most people sing by the melody, melody seems to be flowing according to his singing. The expression and emotion in this voice is so rich that I can’t think of anyone else who would done justice to this song. Long live the voice of this legend!

The lilty and catchy tune makes you want to get up and dance. The use of piano reminds us of the 80s at times when jazzy numbers were in. This doesn’t seem like one of those “filmy” numbers. The lyrics are so natural and flow so well that it could be any guy apologising to his girlfriend.

Then comes the song Katrin Mozhi. This song starts with a very pleasant guitar prelude. When Balram’s voice takes over, you’re just transported to another place in another time. The lyrics of song talk about the language of nature. This is Vairamuthu’s forte, and Vidyasagar’s made this journey very enjoyable.

“kangal pesum varthai kadavul ariyadhu”

“iyarkaiyin mozhigal purindhividil, manidharku mozhiye thevayillai”

But on some level the melody seems very familiar. But in a way that adds to the uniqueness of the song as you find yourself enjoying the lyrics of this “familiar song.” The same lyrics when sung in Sujatha’s childlike melodious voice, seem to assume a different meaning. If the previous version had a male gruffness about it, the female version flows with sympathy and understanding.

Sevvam Selaikatti reminds me of Lajjavathi! I have a feeling this song is going to be picturised on Prakash Raj and Prithviraj. Can’t wait to watch Prakash Raj in this movie. He’s one of my favorites and has the knack of picking out talent!

There are 3 bit songs by Srinivas, Tippu and Kartik. Srinivas is one of my favorite singers and Mouname unnidam reminds me of Vishwa Thulasi. Yet another Ilayaraja 80s reminder! Aazha kannal and En Jennalil are two songs of very different genre sung presumably by the smitten hero. The former is a very slow and the melody again seems very familiar. The latter is a fast latino style number. But the song gets over just as you being to enjoy the mood and wait for more.

Pesa Madandhaya by Madhu Balakrishnan is a pathos number who’s highlight is its lyrics. Madhu Balakrishnan as usual has done a good job. This a voice that (people say) can potentially replace Yesudas’. When he sings,

“varthaigalal kadhalithen, jadaigalal saagadithai”

I can hear Yesudas when I close my eyes.

Rating: 4/5

Vidaysagar’s certainly started this year with a bang.


2 thoughts on “Music Review — Mozhi

  1. I totally agree with your views about Vidyasagar’s melodies. He is one music director who did not get the recognition that he deserves. ‘Poovukelaam Siragu mulaithathu’ from uyirodu uyiraaga’ is one of my all-time favs!!!

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