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Kuthuran Yejaman Kuthuran!!

Yesterday, a bunch of us decided to get together after work to watch Veerasamy. I can hear all the loud exclamations and surprised looks. Just to set the records straight, I’m not masochistic. My expectation from the movie was just 3 hours of undiluted entertainment. I have to admit that I laughed yesterday till my stomach hurt after a long time!!

Highlights of the movie:

1) I have no choice but to start from our Thalai, TR. Like all his other movies, dialogues are superraapppooo. One sample dialogue, “arai kulla vechu kattina adhu arana kayiru, orukku munnadi kattinathaan adhu thaali.” Enna oru thathuvam. The most embarrasing part is that we had to explain this dialogue to someone who doesn’t understand any Tamil. Maaname pochu. His reactions and fight scenes are marvellous.

Neer yanaye
oru sena panniya
adikidhe (adade, achirya kuri)!

His movies are incomplete without thangachi sentiment. This one also has ooodles of it. Another one of those, “nee chinna kozhandhaya irundhache… blah blah..” A better one would be when he runs up the stairs screaming “en thangachi love pannadhu da.. illa da.. adhu pannadhu..” Manasu, valikidhu!!! Avalo sentiment.

In this movie, TR has also aced in his love scenes. His reactions are priceless. He turns his face in all four directions (always away from the person who’s speaking at the moment) and opens his mouth. Aaa.. Aaaa.. Mansula periaya MK-nu nenapu.

In this movie, he’s a model MLA who walks in the water till he gets sethu punnu. He’s left no stone unturned to make sure he atleast loses with a decent margin in his next election. And yes! the costume designer doesn’t really have much to do ‘cos he’s always in “Periyar” costume.

2) Another person who I felt really bad for (apart from me) at the end of the movie is Mumtaj. She was the one who had to endure TR in very close quarters for a very long time. I wonder if she fell sick after the movie got over. She had to float in a milk tub with TR. UUUUUUVVVVAAAA (vaandhi is coming). She had to sleep on his poster. (Chee, payi) In one expression of her looowe, she had to drink water trikling through TR’s bread. I swear to God, I did not make this one up. Considering her charecter in the movie, she chides her mother for being a prostitute.

3) When certain charecters like Mumtaj’s mother and Meghna Naidu come on screen, for a minute I wonder if i’m seeing a “matter padam.” Certain dialogues and scenes remind me of these Shakila kinda movies (not that I’ve seen any :P). Especially when Mumtaj show TR him her tattoo of his name (in very strategic place) and when she has bath with his soap that she’s flicked, vomit comes very badly.

4) I can’t not mention the songs in this movie. Right from “varaam paaru varaam paru veerasamy” all the songs are superhit appu! But my favorite is “vechuruken…”

vechuruken naan vechuruken, unna naanum manasukulla vechuruken
thechiruken naan thechiruken, chikkunu thaan jacket-a naan thechiruken…

Idhuku mela lyrics ezhudhina, yen maanam dhaan pogum! Che

5) One person who features in this movie very often, though he’s not a part of cast is Simbhu. His dad shamelessly promotes him in every possible way. His posters are all over the place. The one person who was completely wasted in this movie is Santhanam. I felt really bad for him. Santhanam, idhellam oru pozhappa??

Anyways, if you want to laugh till your stomach hurts and have some fun, please watch this movie.

PS: Please watch the movie with a lot of other people. If you watch it alone, I’m not responsible for the consequences.


5 thoughts on “Kuthuran Yejaman Kuthuran!!

  1. Thaaru maaru…!! kizhichita po!! People, after her kurai vimarsanam do definitely watch this movie… VAALGA TR PUGAL, VALARGA TR THAADI!!! Aaaaaggggghhhh :O

  2. Veerasamy padatha vimarsika nee eduthu irkum indha veeramana muyarchiyai paarataama irukumudiala… 🙂

  3. Ha ha ha… Saturday anikku oru kotar braandhi pottu Devi theatre ponadhaan paakka mudiyum pola irukkae! Appo kooda moonu avaru is a bit of a challenge!

    “she had to drink water trikling through TR’s bread. “


    “she has bath with his soap that she’s flicked”


    What is this, some strange perverse sex-cult thing?!!

  4. That was ultimate..way too hilarious..never read a better review…I still wonder how he manages to churn out the rhyming dialogs that makes no sense!!!!:D

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