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Sivaji — Songs are out

Speculations about Sivaji were high after all the weird posters with Rajni in odd looking wigs, and Shreya looking equally strange with blond hair. Now Rajni fans have more to speculate on. The Audio’s out! As usual, the AR Rahman – Shankar combination has raised everyone’s hopes. Atleast the music is expected to re-work the magic of a Muthu or a Padayappa. I personally, was really looking forward to this album, inspite of the not-up-to-the-standard state of songs that were reportedly ‘leaked’ from the studio.

The album starts with Ballelakka by SPB. This man works his yet again. Every time I listen to him, I fall in love with his voice all over again. He’s probably the most versatile singer that Indian film music has ever encountered. The song starts with ‘sooriyano ivan chandirano.’ The setting of the composition and the dol that follows portrays a very native surrounding with beautiful women awaiting our Sivaji 🙂 It kinda reminds of the song ‘Malayala karaiyoram’ in Rajadhi Raja (Not the tune, just the setting). Then the sadugudu recital and chorus singing ‘annan vandha Indhiyavum America thaan,’ make this an almost perfect opening song for the Super Star.

The rest of the lyrics and feel of the song is very similar to ‘devuda.’ It talks about the greatness of living in a village. 🙂 How predictable is that now. ‘pakatha veetukkum sethu samikira anbu inga vaazhum — idhu romba too much!

Athiradee follow with it’s ‘dakal dakal damal dumil.’ This is very pop-ish number sung by ARR and Sayonara. As usual, ARR’s voice has added sensuality to the song. Is this the item number song?? (Speculations are going to continue forever :)). The lyrics of this song is very anglicized and at times ends up being funny. For example, ARR sings ‘yen my fair lady nee than’ ‘jil jal jil ginger pennil jilendroru jindol kannil’ ?!???!!!’ What is happening to our lyricists?

Sahara pookal is the next number. There are two versions of this song. One by Udit Narayan and Chinmayi and the other one is by Vijay Yesudas and Gomathi Shree. The one by Vijay Yesudas is definitely a better rendition of this mellifluous, breezy number. The thirupavai by Gomathi Shree goes very well with the mood of the song. I wonder if Gomathi Shree is in any way related to NithyaShree. Their styles of rendition seem to too similar.

Then is the, for the lack of any better word, totally weird song ‘Style’. I had to listen to this song about 3 times before I could understand any of the lyrics. If this is the title song, Shakar’s risking losing the mass support and appeal that most Rajnikanth movies bank on. Once you strain to figure the lyrics out, I thought I heard a girl whispering stuff in French!!! And Blaaze ‘idhuvarai pachai tamilzhan, ippo naan vellai thamizhan.’ Is this the weird wig song??

The comes ‘The Boss’ which seems more like the theme music for this movie. I have a feeling this is going to be playing through the movie. The lyrics are very tickling here again, ‘vada vada vangikada, vaila beeda pottukada, poda poda pozhachupoda, podava vaangi kattikoda.’ Idhu definite-a thalaivar fight sequence BGM thaan. One of the verses in this song can also potentially be the punch dialogue of this movie!

Vaaji Vaaji is again a melifluous love song sung by Hariharan and Madhushree. Hariharan rocks as usual. Madhushree is very disappointing. She struggles to reach most of her high notes and ends up screeching. Something about this song also reminds me of ‘baba, ichu kichu thaa.’ If this song’s picturisation is going to be anything like that, it’ll be a disaster.

Is this a great start to the Sivaji countdown? No, definitely not. But we all know Shankar’s capable of working wonders with the picturisation. I keeping my fingers crossed!!

My rating: 2.5/5

Definitely a great attempt at trying to make a stylish album. But this is thalaivar’s movie. Will style win over mass appeal? We’ll have to wait and find out. This movie will decide the fate of Rajni, Shankar and AVM productions.


2 thoughts on “Sivaji — Songs are out

  1. Nice review. I think Deva is the best choice to compose music for Rajini’s movies. Trying to make sense of tamil movie lyrics is a real waste of time. Expecting good lyrics in a tamil song is like expecting a Sumo Wrestler from Somalia. The only lyricist worth talkin abt is Thaamarai. She is awesome. But you can’t blame the lyricists alone for this cos they are forced to write some cheap songs for commercialisation. You can’t expect anymore ‘narumigaye’ type songs and settle for ‘dippu bummaree’till we start encouraging songs with good lyrics.

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