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Sivaji – The experience

On Thursday, a friend found out that Sivaji was going to be screened in Tamil (even if it was just 2 untimely shows over the weekend) as well in Hyderabad in spite of the Telugu release. And we had tickets for the screening today!!!

Yay! Beginning of excitement. I was so glad I was going to be able to see Sivaji before I take for 3 months. Sivaji is definitely one of those very few things in life worth waking up at 6’o clock on a Saturday morning for. The movie was supposed to start at 8.45. When I entered the theatre, for a minute, I felt like I was back in Madras. People talking in Tamil and the excitement in the air about watching Thalaivar, the anticipation was just brilliant.

We rushed into the theatre in a hurry when we heard loud whistles and clapping. We settled down in our first row seats and then realised we had no paper, coconut or karpooram. Thanks to an old newspaper I had in my bag, we were able to continue the tradition and distributed paper to everyone in the first row. When we saw Thalaivar on screen, we all ran towards the screen, threw the paper, some guys even removed their T shirts and started screaming. It was almost perfect 🙂 It could’ve been Madras for all you know. I was happy.

The movie in one word, is just brilliant. I almost felt like I was watching Rajnikanth from Billa, Thambikku endha ooru, Rajathi rajan and Padikathavan. There was even a Jhonny get-up in between. Thalaivar has never looked better. Even without any punch dialogues, his ‘cool,’ and ‘pera kettale chumma adirudhilla,’ Shankar’s scored big. Manish Malhotra deserves a standing ovation. That man, has transformed Rajni’s look completely. Though a lot of what he wore, struck me as outrageous, it’s worked. Even the blond wig didn’t look as bad as I thought it would.

Shankar is one hell of a genius. At every stage in the movie, he’s perfectly predicted the pulse of the audience. He’s got something to cover every sect of this audience. There’s a lot of class and at the same time, the mass appeal is also very high. It was really refreshing to see a Thalaivar’s movie without amma sentiment and thangachi, akka, appa sentiments. The first half of the movie is pretty much all about Rajni running after Shriya. He’s brilliant when he says ‘pappu mammu da.’ 🙂 When he says, ‘enna vechu comedy gemedy onnum pannidalaye,’ thalaiva, nee neethan (for the lack of any better word to describe the feeling). Mentioning Shriya, she just sizzles on the screen. Right from Sahara pookal to Athiradee, she’s made sure that all the women have smoke coming of their ears and the men can’t just look elsewhere. She looks just as convincing as Tamil Selvi. After watching her today, I’m convinced that even Aishwarya Rai couldn’t have done a better job. There going to be no looking back for her after this.

The songs are pretty much dominated by ARR and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Athiradee is the best song. Love it!! Balelakaa have people with Rajni’s face painted on their overwhelming bellies and dancing. Nayantara is actually skinny!!! Never thought I would say that. She actually looks hot.

The second half of the movie is Singa paadha with Rajni jacking all the people who jacked him. One person who’s done a splendid job is Suman. With his extremely convincing body language and Ray Ban look, he’s probably the only person who could’ve pulled off Aadhi. He’s going to be a bigger hit that Nilamabari, who’s probably the most admired and talked about Villan in a Rajni movie. Where was all this while? Had no clue he could act so well. Seri weight performance. The coin flipping style is Thalaivar’s trademark in the second half. Kooda porandha style kojam kooda korayala. Towards the climax, Raghuvaran reviving him by performing CPR so long after he was supposed to have died, is konjam over. But it’s Thalaivar’s padam. So, it doesn’t seem so bad.

But my fav is motta boss 🙂 Enna style da.. Thalaiva, idhukagave indha padam box office-la pichikittu oda pogudhu. Climax fight-la summa parandhu parandhu adicharu. Sigh, and then the movie got over. When I came out, I was super tired and my voice was dead, but I had just had such a blast that it didn’t matter. It doesn’t make any difference whether Rajni is a bigger star than the Big B, as long he’s namma Super Star.

Like Vivek says, aaruku apparam ezhu da, aana namma Sivaji ku apparam yaaru da??

The truth is that there is no one. Vijay ellam kitta koodu nerunga mudiyaadhu. Vaaipe illa. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Sivaji – The experience

  1. Review chumma kalakitenga …

    Bhasha lyrics madhiri…oru suriyan, oru chandiran and only one thalaivar 🙂

    Thota Tharaniya vitutinga, he has done a spendid job on all the sets…too rich and good the art direction is!!!


  2. I dont mean to offend but I would like to understand, why the Rajni mania; do we so lack real heros and leaders that we seek it in our actors? Or does it give us some kind of release from a mundane existence?

  3. I saw the movie!!! I don’t understand a Tamil much but I could follow most what they were doing on screen. Heck…that man has enormous energy!!! Though there is no story to talk about, the leading lady is insignificant, there is only one man to remember!!!

  4. venkatesh>> awf course.. point noted.. the sets were jus unbelievably amazing.

    Tys on Ice>> the Rajni mania is not something to be understood or reasoned out. It’s something you grow up with!! I loved the feeling of watching movies like Bashaa or Annamalai or Muthu. These movies are not meant to be examined, they’re just meant to be experienced. That’s why if you’re not a fan, a Rajni movie is the worst place you can be. 🙂 adhu appadi thaan..

    Ashley>> Thalaivar jus completely steals the show and that’s how it’s meant to be 🙂

    Mayur>> welcome back da 🙂

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