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Mile sur mera tumhara

TV was not a major source of entertainment when I was a kid. At the risk of sounding like a granny, there were only 10 channels on TV and no cartoon network. DD actually used to come out with quite a few brilliant programs for the children. I remember quite a few of them even today. The one I’m most nostalgic about is probably this video.

I know the entire song by heart. In fact, they used to play this everyday at a fixed time everyday (6 in the evening, if I’m not mistaken). People talk about the magic in AR Rahman’s Vande Mataram video and how it manages to instill a sense of pride. This video Wikipedia tells me, was made in 1988 (1987, according to this website). At a time, where the technology was probably a lot less developed, the managed to make a video that gives me goosebumps even today. If the objective of this video was to rekindle national spirit in the common man, I guess they did a great job. The photography and clarity of what they wanted to portray is just amazing. The authenticity of costumes, beauty of the scenery and the sincereness in people’s (not the actors) eyes makes you sit up and smile. If you notice the entire video is not filled with images of the sea, mountains and greenery. They also touch upon the improvement in infrastructure of the country. I might have been interesting to see how it would’ve turned out with the actors in it. As cheesy as it might seem, I can’t pictures this song any other way. I need the images of Kamal Haasan, Hemamalini, Amitabh and Mithun in my head. My favorite part is towards the end when this person’s hand moves over the keyboard and kids come running and form the flag.

This is India for me. Happy Independence day 🙂

Sorgame endralum, adhu namoora pola varum

(for those of you who do not follow Tamil, it’s an Illayaraja’s song that means, Is it possible for even heaven to be as great as my homeland! Like I always say, trust me, it sounds better in Tamil :))


5 thoughts on “Mile sur mera tumhara

  1. True national integration in that video…when people from all states and walks of life pitch in. Probably ignited the first patriotic flicker within us, when we were kids. Nice!

  2. My sisters and I used to take turns to watch this video so that one person can shout and others can run to get a glimpse of Kamal Hasaan, even though it was for less than 10 seconds. I know the languages and the lyrics now, thanks to Wikipedia. Not just Mile sur, even things like Rangoli, which was my only inspiration to get up early on a sunday morning, are still green in my memories. hmm those days will never come back 😦 does the time machine really exist? I WANT IT NOW!!

  3. Beautifully strung together no ? Intriguing, yet humble in claim and very very Indian.
    This is more genuine than all the pseudiaps that has hence come out on independence days and the like.


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