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Another blast in Hyderabad. I’m thousands of miles away from home, and the pain is just as intense. The blast is supposed to have happened at Lumbini Park, which is right opposite the Andhra Pradesh secretariat and at a chat shop in Koti. According to the latest figures, 44 people have been killed. This figure is certainly going to go up.

A blast at Lumbini Park is the worst hit possible in Hyderabad for more than one reason. It is right opposite the secretariat building. Also, the park is generally really crowded on weekends. Its filled with kids and huge family picnicking. Who ever’s behind the blast must cringe and feel ashamed of themselves. Why do you want to target children? What have they done to deserve this? Lumbini Park is also very close to Prasadz theater and other huge parks on Necklace road. These are place people are most often found hanging out at on weekends. Koti, one of the busiest shopping areas is heavily crowded on Saturdays as well.

The other thing that’s mentioned in the same breath after a blast is the fact that Hyderabad is communally sensitive. Don’t play with the lay man’s emotions. Killing people is the not the solution to anyone’s problems! How can anyone with even the slightest shred of humanity not flinch at the sight of so many people’s death? Is anything in world worth the smiles and happiness of so many innocent people?

We love Hyderabad. Please give it back to us! Did the people involved in the blast not see that Buddha Statue towering over the lake? I guess a mere stone does not mean anything to them….

Praying for all the families affected by this blast…….


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  1. Just cannot understand what motivates a human to kill another! This is too sad! Praying for the affected families…

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