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I’m a star — My seven minutes of fame

Today started like any other day…

But today is different from any other day! Now, I’m famous.. Aaaahhhh

We have a radio show in the office that runs for an hour on Thursdays and yours truly was in it 🙂 Its been my most exciting 7 minutes in Ireland. My first time inside a live broadcast studio.. I was very weird to actually be able to hear myself as I was talking! When the host, Lucie, asked me to tell her about the salwar-kameez I was wearing yesterday, I had no clue how to explain what a kameez was 😦

We spoke about my blog, the Irish and Indian weather, travel and I was jus hoping I made some sense..

That leads me to a very interesting question she asked me on the show. She asked me how would ever trust anything on any blog when I have no clue who’s writing it! She asked me how any blog was reliable!!

I’ll update this post with my answer later, but what do you guys think?

For now, I’m famous 🙂


My answer:

I personally blog ‘cos it’s my vent. I’m not going to read someone’s blog and pretend that I know all about them or even think I might know them. Every person’s blog is their own personal space and the question of reliability or trust doesn’t feature for me as I’m not even thinking along those lines. Will I make life-deciding decisions based on someone’s post? Definitely not. Just treat a blog like what it is, an extension of personal space and don’t debate on it 🙂


10 thoughts on “I’m a star — My seven minutes of fame

  1. Congratulations! Am glad I know one famous personality 🙂

    As for the question, I believe a blog is a medium to express oneself using words. Doesn’t matter if someone thinks its not reliable:) Does it?

  2. Live on radio… wow that must be great experience! Congrats for the fame n all ! 🙂

    About the question about blog, I agree with above comment. Its just views. We don’t verify facts in a fiction book, do we ?

  3. how would ever trust anything on any blog when I have no clue who’s writing it

    1. I don’t trust everything I read; but I do take inputs from others’ blogs.
    2. I can look at the comments. If the signal-to-noise ratio is high in the comments, maybe that blogger is famous (because many good people read and take the time to comment).
    3. If nothing works out and I really really have to find out if he’s somebody… I Google for the author’s name or I can get the pages that link to that blog. This most definitely is a good way to find out how famous the person/blog is.

    (Searching for your blog title gives your blog as the first result. You’re famous indeed 🙂

  4. There is an element of judgement involved..And the correctness of that judgement depends on person – person .. Inherently most humans are good..They don’t make a false statement except for some selfish motives..If you feel there is a motive behind something on a blog, then u have a reason to doubt the veracity of that 🙂

  5. heyy i was looking up some stuff and stumbled upon your blog!

    congratulations on the radio-show.

    coming to trusting blogs, i think for a lot of people a blog is a place where u can rant or post your views on random topics or in other words just like a diary. i don’t really see why the word “trust” has to come in when talking about a blog… you read it if you like it or you just skip it… simple! that’s just my thought though 🙂

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