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All for a good meal.. Part 2

This a continuation of my earlier post by the same title.

My last few days in Dublin. Have explored a few more restaurants in the last few days. This time, not all of them are Indian. But starting with the best Indian restaurant in Dublin, Taste of India. This place was suggested to me by a colleague who lived in India for about 3 months. He apparently loves Samosas and chai, especially the ones you get on the roadside in Pune 🙂

Taste of India is not a very fancy place. The decor and ambiance is pleasant but not swanky. This place has the most elaborate vegetarian menu I’ve seen in Dublin. We started with Aaloo chat. I have to mention now that, most of time when you ask for Aaloo chat, what you get is Aaloo is a tasteless gravy with chat masala and onions. Since when did aaloo chat become a gravy?!?! Don’t even get me started. But the Aaloo chat here was perfect. It was authentic and tasty. I even tasted some amchur in it, which is certainly a first. Like all other place applam was starters here as well. But the mint chutney that you get with it it by far the best one. Also, another major highlight of this place is that it’s again the only place that serve chapatthis and Rajma. From what I hear, the chicken gravy was amazing as well. The food was brilliant. Everything was perfect. The service was great as well. The Indian gentleman who runs the place will always stop by your table to say Namaste!

Another highly recommended Indian place was Chandini. We went there on a Saturday evening and were told that we needed reservations. So, we got takeaway from there another day. The food is probably not the most authentic I’ve tasted. The Aaloo chat was hopeless. We got the gravy version here as well. We then had some Aaloo gobi and some Cheese Naan. The cheese Naan was really good. I hear that the Chicken Briyani was really great as well. But what followed the takeaway meal was probably the best part of the evening. My friend, Ceceil, baked a chocolate cake for us! With French chocolate. My day was made when she gave me bowl in which she melted the chocolate to lick. Aaaaaaaa…. Orgasmic!

When I got tired of eating desi food everyday, Anu, my friend who lives in Dublin suggested this place to me, Acapulco. We all went there for dinner one night. It was a welcome break. I loved it. I went back there with another American friend who loves Mexiacan. She loved the place as well. The decor is certainly bright and chirpy though it can get kinda hot and stuffy if the place is crowded. If you’re looking for intimate dining, this is certainly not the place. It’s more the kind of place you would rather go to with a whole bunch of friends and have a good gossip session. Coming to their food, the stuffed Jalapeno starter is just brilliant. After a starter and Fajita, you should certainly save room for some Baileys cheesecake! They also have some good wine on their menu. I must warn you though that the service is on the slower side and you might have to ask for water at least 3 times before you get it 😛

After some pub hopping, we stopped at Cafe Bar Deli for a slightly late night dinner. With a vast continental menu, my best bet was Italian ‘cos predictably, that was the only stuff with a few vegetarian options. My friend had some khus khus salad, and I tried a mushroom pizza. On the whole, it was a decent option for a good meal. The ambiance is cozy and laid back. Service is certainly quick and good value for money.

This post will continue. I have more restaurants to write about 🙂

PS: The reason the Indian restaurants’ food is talked about more elaborately here, is ‘cos I care about how they serve Indian food more than how they serve continental or Italian.


4 thoughts on “All for a good meal.. Part 2

  1. hey, do u really get the authentic taste of indian food in restaurants abroad? here in the gulf i hve discovered quite a few joints which is as good as eating at home…but then gulf is almost like india, so it doesnt count…

    suggestion : go to chillis and ask for that molten chocolate cake..its sinful..

  2. mystery — i know!!

    kitchen scientist — thanks 🙂

    tys — actually you get the authentic taste here. Then again, I can only comment on the vegetarian food. There are quite a few Indian in Dublin actually. The majority of the population being Mallus and Telugus. And of course the Gujjus who own shops and restos here. btw, are you referring to the Thai place called The Chili club? would you know which part of Dublin its in?

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