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Farewell time!

My time at Dublin is coming to an end.. I go back home this week. Though I really really want to go back home, a part of me wants still stay!

Just to show-off, this is a video of the Google Dublin office which is called the Europlex!!

Right now, I’m too caught up in the excitement of going back home and saying goodbye to the people here. I don’t think it’s completely sunk in that I’m leaving very soon. I think it’ll hit me when I get on the flight.

So, till me meet again, Alvida!


4 thoughts on “Farewell time!

  1. Hey,Found your blog through Arvind’s blog (whom i know only through the blog) a while ago.I think the week before last.Nice review of ‘eating places’.And even better they might help a friend of mine who’s going there …google office.


    PS:My friend might just bombard you with qs.(if she has doubts after reading your blog)

    (Sheesh sounds like a book reviewing or something)

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