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Is it boredom?

There’s a maze in front of me. This is certainly a tricky one, ‘cos there’s more than one way out and there’s none of them are really “right”. Maybe the best way out? I can only base my decision on my past experience and what I see around me. What might have happened if I had taken another path will never be known to me. Whatever I choose to do, I’ll be sealing out all other possibilities out of my life. Do I even want to know might have happened if I had thought differently? I don’t think so. I guess the game is quite complicated as it is without having ‘if only’ questions haunting me.

This is not going to deter me. I need a game plan now. What’s going to be my strategy? Blindly following instincts or a well planned move? That brings me back to square one ‘cos I’m not entirely sure what to base my plan on. So, why do I even want to face this maze? Can I not continue making merry and ignore the maze? Act like it never really existed? I guess, this is what is called the point of no return!

Whatever happens, destiny is going to have the final laugh..


4 thoughts on “Is it boredom?

  1. So much mulling! Follow your heart and let destiny take care of it…find you a way outta the maze…mere 2 paise 🙂

  2. there are millions of possibilities you have shunned to get where u r rite now…this is not new to you. You are already in the maze and been in that maze for a long time…so, do wht u normally do…just be you and be true to you…

    gud to see u back

  3. Simply face it..maze will disappear..allow head rule over heart..past experiences do help as a guide but need not be the answer now ..since situations are dynamic..

    Happy Deepavali

  4. The maze, the cloud !! It gets everyone , doesn’t it . Welcome to wuarter life crisis 🙂

    Relax and take a deep breath .. the worst is yet to come 🙂

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