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It first started with the “Mumbai Molestations” as media referred to it. Two women were groped and pinched in public. The media was out in full force to make sure that justice was served to those two women who didn’t even want to press charges. I was wondering why those women didn’t seem interested to register a case. These were educated women, who were just out to have a good time with their spouses. Has the society become so insensitive to them that they just wanted to pretend like it never happened?

When I was reading up on the internet about this incident, I came across this link. Someone had raised a question on Yahoo Answers about it.

“Mumbai Molestation Case, whose fault?”

the best answer chosen was

“Those Girls! They wearing short skirts and hanging around with Silly Looking NRI boyfriends! No doubt this was gonna happen!”

WTF! The next day, I tuned into Aahaa FM online. The morning show run by Chinmayi was on. People were calling in to express their views. This one moron that called up said that these women were in a hotel, in a discotheque on new years eve and that they asked for it. He went on to say that these are the kind of women who probably drank and smoked with the men around. Apparently these women are not in a position to ask for any kind of respect or regard. Once again WTF!

Whoever gave these self-righteous men the right to judge women? Since when did short skirts and partying on new years eve meant asking to be groped? Please spare us the bullshit about women asking for attention by wearing revealing clothes. So what are you trying to say? That if we’re covered from head to toe, you’ll totally keep your emotions in check and worship us? Why is it that the first question that pops up when such a thing happens is about the woman’s conduct? Lets say that the women were in fact wearing revealing clothes, does it give them the right to treat them like this? I mean, I just don’t get it.

Last night, I was walking back home at around 8’o clock. My street is quite safe and is well lit. I was talking to my mom on the phone. This jerk who was on a scooter tried grabbing me. Before you ask, I was appropriately clothed. In fact, I was totally covered ‘cos it was chilly. I turned about and almost caught his collar, but he sped away. The 2-3 people who were on the road then, turned, glanced at me fuming, and got back to whatever they were doing. I could’ve cursed him and yelled insults till I was blue in the face. He would’ve still gotten away scott free.

When I still fuming, I read this on the Chennai metblog this morning. When Shriya wears hardly any clothes and pushes Rajni away with her chest, we have no problems. She can be paired up with a man more than twice her age on screen and that will not spoil our culture. Wait a minute, I’m a little confused here. What the hell is it that we’re claiming to be our culture? Did the provocative dress suddenly become a problem ‘cos she was sharing the dias with the Chief Minister? Shreya’s offered an apology cos she doesn’t wanted to get sucked into this bog. Is she being smart or is she failing to defend herself? I’m sick to my stomach.


20 thoughts on “WTF

  1. tell me about it! it made me so sick and frustrated too. and yea about the groping and nudging in public, i have been subject to enough of that. i even got spat on once!!! it was soooo frustrating!!!

  2. You know what, i think this happens to almost all of us at some point.. but the deal is, a few of us rant about it like we do, but what more have we done? more importantly, what more can we do? thats what irritates me!

  3. A couple of capital punishments not just for the big city offenders but not-so-known town offenders! That’s it! Easier said than done – I hear you say. Trust me, I don’t see an easier way out of this shit!
    We need to get those pig-like-men off those control chairs and brainwash the so-called-women representation in politics to come down heavily on such cases.
    On a lighter note – Am getting into politics! Vote for me Roomie!

  4. My response is here, on my blog: http://mankikannan.blogspot.com/2008/01/oh-civilisation.html

    A couple of capital punishments not just for the big city offenders but not-so-known town offenders! That’s it!

    People make so-called mistakes because they are different. They don’t think the way most others do. Just that you (or most of us) don’t like it. Do you really believe that punishments are solutions? I don’t think so. Just for an example: How many students do actually learn things in the fear of punishments? You may make them memorise essays, write until they break their fingers, make them pass the exam. But you can’t make them learn. Workarounds are not solutions. Punishments are just workarounds — they are not solutions.

  5. All because of tongue-sticking-out-dog-sort-of-men wonly.

    God should increase the population of women to men as 2 to 1. Maybe then, considering only half of men are perverts, the same amount of women as today would be free from all this.

  6. chop off a finger of a molester and the you-know-what of a rapist.

    These may seem radical but will see an exponential drop in the rates. Sometimes instilling fear is the only way to curb such nuisances….

  7. There is nothing you can do. For the sex deprived Indian male morality sli takes a back seat.

    As for the hindu women stuff, Our culture as we know it is 50-100 years old, and there’s nothing glorious about it worthy of the praise that these right wingers throw on it all the time.
    I mean if anything our ancients were very horny people. Heck we weren’t even monogamous till the 20th century. Draping yourself head to toe in public is such a Victorian idea its hard to not notice where all this Indian culture stuff comes from.


  8. @manki – i’ve replied to ur comment on ur blog.. Roomie, i think u’ll tell him what u think of his reply to ur comment..
    @arun – if that ratio shift happens, men would’ve experienced at least one of the two things i want them to, gropping and pms-ing
    @mayur – we need more men to advocate such punishments 🙂 u should read manki’s post and tell me what u think!
    @vipin – i don’t agree with u that our culture doesn’t have anything great about it.. But about the attitude of men, i guess its got to do with our ancestors. But the image of women in our culture got skewed only in the last 100 years or so.. Apparently we were just objects of sex before that.. Not that it makes too much of a difference to the current scene!

  9. I think the trouble is people not complaining. The Shriya’s example was the best. She should have chosen to go fight the battle, be a role model. Its NOT okay for her to wear clothes that she wears in movies outside of movies? Ridiculous.

  10. Manki – read comments on your blog.

    And Sundar: Typical MCP attitude. When a man talks out loud, he’s brave, and when a women does it – Shez PMSing!

    And Sundar, you don’t know wat PMSing is? You wanna check with your mom? She’ll tell you what iiiit issss?

  11. TurbulentTranquility,
    That was a genuine question. And thanks for being soooo arrogant.

    Wikipedia zindabad!

  12. typical MCP type of post, didn’t even feel like commenting there.

    A lot has to be attributed to the MCPish society and the uber macho image many men think they have. Women are more like playthings and it’s OK to touch, pinch etc them.

    Remm how kids throw stones at lil pups n pigs? They know that the poor creature will not bite back.

    Chop of 1 man’s mojo and let it stream all day on CNN-IBN and let the local newspapers scream bout it. I’d like to see how many guys would try to grab a woman again….

  13. @ankur – its not just that freedom of expression is being killed but also we’re leaving behind a very skewed set of values
    @compassion – unarchi vasapadala avalo kadupetharanga indha nadhari pasanga
    @mayur – bang on buddy!

  14. i just want to say few things.

    The girls molested issue.

    Being a guy i personally feel that all men are bastards.Except his own sister and mother men has the capacity to think that all girls are made for him…i am not pointing out that all the men are worse.Let me come to the point…
    there could be hell a lot of reason on the harrasment happen on the new year eve….i don blame on the girls conduct…let them wear what ever they want but they should have prepare themselves for what gonna happen next…what happen to their conscience, cannot thet judje which is good and which is bad?…i urge girls to grow themselve physically strong if they want to enjoy nightlife and what ever they wish…so that they can stand against the odds…people should understand one thing the society which we live is not safe at all…this is a place where there is a chance of men being harrased, molested …then imagine girls who are not physically strong and who has the probability of inviting trouble just because they are females…people should do things deciding which is good and bad for them(according to the situation)…let me remind ‘the society is bad’…further those girls (victims) should not have pretended as if nothing happen to them…atleast they should have come forward to not let this non sense happen again….girls grow strong…

  15. The girl dressing issue.

    i feel the dress what she was wearing was not apt…see everything his attitude in life…but thats not the right place to show what you are and what your attitude is…you know that being an upcoming person you gonna be the cynosure of all eyes…but thats not a cannes function to dress like that…again its about conscience…do the right thing at the right place…you know a big politician gonna be in the center stage…then its gonna be fully politics…i don think you can show off in that kind of function…let the cultural context be aside….personaly even i felt bad for the way she dressed but i am not gonna protest against her or advise her…these are the people who you really cannot rely upon….they might leave you being sensational in the movies but in the streets if you wander with a top and jean you could get trapped under cultural context…i want this (HMK) to be sure about what they say….make sure your culture is being healthy even in the screens. Then they should worry about the streets and the so called

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