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Of white clad demons and sanitised hell!

I can’t stand the smell of hospitals. There’s something about it that makes my stomach feel like i’m being hung upside down and made to drink through my nose! The mob stands around and applauds the act. Yup, u get the idea. I hate hospitals and doctors. When i’m around doctors, i inexplicably start blabbering. I make absolutely no sense. There was this one time when i had to tell the doctor something about cervical pain and ended up clarifying that there was nothing wrong with my cervix. It got so awkward at one point that he had to intervene and tell me that he knew the difference! Grrr.. Sometimes, to cover up my awkwardness, i burst out laughing at the most inappropriate of times. Not to mention that if i have crazy enough company, it ends up becoming a riot! I once burst out laughing so hard in a doctor’s office that he in an attempt to cover up the tension he said he’d send me to a pediatrician if i didn’t shut up!
Its not like i’m possessed when i’m around the demons clad in white. I perfectly know what i’m saying. Just that, i never am able to stop myself. When i come out of the doctor’s room, the entire scene in there flashes in front of my eyes. Sometimes, i find it very hard to believe that i actually said some of the things i did!
I’m down with a bad cold which just refuses to go away. This means another visit to the place i dread the most.. Life’s bloody unfair, i tell u!
PS: This is my first post from my phone. Silver lining of a dark cloud 🙂


7 thoughts on “Of white clad demons and sanitised hell!

  1. @nags – yeah! Cool ain’t it? 🙂 i know i can update pics my phone directly on to flickr.. Haven’t yet tried uploading pics the blog.. Should try it one of these days!

  2. u typed all tht from a fone? …jeez, u must hve the fastest fingers in town…

    i hate hospitals too…its the smell tht i hve a problem with…doctors are ok…and i hve a thing abt nurses in those white uniforms..it awakens my puberty porn memories…

  3. maidum, eye laik da vay u left things, yit is so nice na.

    yactually yevun eye dont goto aspataals so vary prekvently, baat eye vish eye cun see some vary hot sisters, i like thoz sisters they yaar vary mirchi!

    i like jenna jameson like sisters they muaaah very hot sisters very mirchi!

  4. ahhh…u hate doctors?? hence ur gonna hate me too…lol..

    but trust me i am not that bad..:)
    i love the smell of hospitals..hehe..almost like a second home to me…:D
    bad cold..thats doesnt go away…then its a flu..u better go n take some pills…;)

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