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That wonderful thing called electricity!

At home on a weekday, no electricity, very low charge on the laptop, almost no charge on my phone, no access to movies, music or the internet, no mood to read, extremely restless, desperately needed some kinda entertainment. The basic cause of all the restlessness was cos there was no power.
I’m not one of those obsessively organised people. But when i’m this restless, I organise my music. I can spend a whole day re-cataloging and re-organising! For a change, i decided to organise my books. All my books came out, got dusted and put back in alphabeticaly. It was some back breaking work but totally worth it. True the dusting made my sneezing worse, but hey, all in a good day’s work.
Moral of the story: lack of electricity drives one to seek entertainment in physical labor 🙂


3 thoughts on “That wonderful thing called electricity!

  1. cant agree more.,..
    i hate when there are power cuts..
    its like your power has been cut out.. everything seems to be slower than normal…

  2. Thats hilarious, because I do the same thing.
    I also think its awesome that you actually looked for that garbage can. I am NOT used to the lack of garbage bins in India!

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