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..and the name reads different now

Felt like it was about time 🙂 Meant to do it a long while ago, but just never got around to it.
Roomie’s not in town. It gets kinda boring being alone at home. I discovered that boredom doesn’t only lead me to organise my books and music but also pushes me to clean up my kitchen and dust my pans. Given that the kitchen area was clean, decided to actually cook. I hereby declare that there’s nothing more delicious in the world than vathakozhambu and uralakazhangu curry! Its also the safest bet. You can try really hard but can absolutely not screw it up. Curling up in front of the TV after a satisfying dinner is almost the perfect end to a sunday!
PS: Since i discovered the joys of blogging from my mobile, the frequency of posts have shot up!


12 thoughts on “..and the name reads different now

  1. @Mayur – my uralakazhangu curry is in simplest form. Quarter potatoes, pressure cook, peel, fry in a kadai with oil, turmeric powder, chilli powder, add salt! End of recipe. 🙂

  2. thts one of my fav food…just rice, potato fry and curds…hmmmm, divine…

    btw, how big is the keypad of this fone of urs?…iam just cant get this image of u typing away like mad banshee with ur index finger…

  3. Hey, you got a nice blog. The onething I am wondering is, is it Vathakozhambu a sole proprietery of Tam Brahms? I really don’t understand y you guys got this urge to use that Brand name in every possible opportunity on earth as if it is something hard-earned. No, I am not an athiest or anti-brahm, but it looks so silly and couldn’t resist from commenting.


  4. When am back, you’ll be gone 🙂 sigh… come back soon and then we’ll cook what each of us knows best! am sure you’ve a list. I have 1…2… no 3 things for you to choose from 🙂

  5. @venkatraman – yes yes, mologu kozhambu, kathrica curry, avial, you’ve made my mouth water!

    @Tys – the keypad is not that big 🙂 I’m jus really good! 3 years of sneaking under the desk and msging in college has made me a pro 🙂

    @K – hang on Mr. K! I’m not claiming vathakozhambu in the name of tamil brahmins. To me, vathakozhambu and uralakazhangu curry is amma’s and paati’s food! If you can have a whole line of cuisine called Chettinad, I guess there’s no harm in having Tam Brahm cuisine.. Take a deep breath

    @Roomie – I hope you’re sticking to your promise and taking cooking lessons from your mom 🙂

  6. Hi gayathri… I got ur site from doctors site…

    Vathakolambu ok… But side dish sutta applam is safest and not the thing u mentioned…

    ps : Please do visit my sites if u have enough time 🙂

  7. hmmmm…..so looks like that u finally got enlightment…so no more confused girl (or women)….BTW gayatri is a nice name and by all means this is a friendly comment…no offense meant…

    i like sambar/uralakazhangu, puliyotharai/uralaikazhangu combination much…..and with vathakozhambu i like to have some appalams…hmmmm may be i make some vathakozhambu tonight, i still have some vathal left with me…thanks for the motivation!

  8. @raj – thanks! 🙂

    @ela – hehe thanks!I always got the feeling that my name was way too common with a million different (mis)spellings. Also, let me know how the vathakozhambu turned out 🙂

    @arun – nalla ellam konjam li’l too much.. edho sapadra maari irukkum. adhuvum mood irundha dhaan 🙂

  9. Nooooo……i wanted to make it with small onions….i love the flavour they give to the kozhambu and ofcourse i was lazy to run to the asian shop…..so the present is with rasam…in hope that future will be better!

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