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This is not about any one thing in particular. Its just about a few things that happened over the last one week!

– I’ve had to deal with the worst auto drivers in the country. If you have any doubts, I’m talking about the ones in Madras. They will NEVER have any change! They also expect you to walk around with two heavy bags and find someone to give you change if you’re not interested in paying them any extra money. They will also tell you that Egmore Station to Anna Nagar is 13 km! On which planet??

– Why are hospitals interested in knowing what my monthly income is? As long as I pay the money they ask for and fill out the endless forms and stand in the long billing counter queues, how should it matter to them? They anyway charge everyone the same fee. As ridiculous as it may seem, we all pay the consultation fees before we see the doctor anyway! This is certainly not doing wonders for my phobia.

– How does it make any difference to you what my religion is? How come your “computers” always (I’ve tried this in more than one hospital) never have the facility to leave this column blank.

– You can walk the entire length of the train and not find a dustbin! When you ask one of the railway employees, they will ask you to chuck it out of the window.. Eureka, that’s something no person would’ve ever thought of! Also, I’ve resigned to the fact that crying children are attracted to me and will keep crying through the night when I’m in the same coupe!

– This has never happened to me before, but the train I was travelling in to Madras (Kacheguda Express) actually had a power failure! There was no batter back up, so every time the train stopped at a station, the compartment would be pitch dark. People who boarded the train much later in the night, actually had to wait till the train moved to find their seats.

On a brighter note, I’m in Madras for a week and its actually not so hot here now!

PS: This is what Google has to say about Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo!


11 thoughts on “WTF

  1. ha ha…
    recently someone was telling me…. If an auto guy in chennai wants to use the meter, be aware. Its rigged for sure.

  2. So my brain is in good working condition and could think of few reasons why ur week was like that…
    -nothing, it’s just that they are working very hard to enter the world record…I mean if they do that imagine how much pride it can bring to our city…

    -this just to make sure that u r not discriminated…so the more ur salary is the more they can do service for u, so that all ur hard work to earn that much money could be appreciated/justified.

    -ohhhh… this one is for statistical purpose so that we can scientifically back up our claim that we are a secular and religiously tolerant country

    -it is in the policy of our railways to make the journey of their passengers as pleasurable as it can be ….so little amusing sports like throwing things could be stimulating….
    And I don’t think u could be scary enough to make the kids cry…but I don’t know…hehehe

    -again this is also for the better traveling experience of passengers…I cannot sleep with the lights on….

    And finally, u r lucky that u could travel to Madras…becoz these days I get to travel only to the confused metropolitan city called Chennai which is currently undergoing a major identity crisis…

  3. wow! i have never heard of a power failure ever before…

    We ought to thank the guy who invented dynamos else the whole journey would have been….

    crying babies always find me on a flight, and it’s not something you look forward to esp when you’re shelling out around 1.5G!!!!

  4. ok, let me explain:

    – dont try to understand the auto guys..its a useless venture and will give u a heart attack in the end…

    – hospitals need to know ur monthly salary to see how much they can charge u ( u really thought they had fixed rates?)

    – they need to know ur religion so that they can say the appropraite prayers before any surgery..we are a very holy nation.

    – railways are going green…hence the requirement to throw garbage on the tracks…in the next 5 years we will have our trains going through a canopy of a lush rain forest..

    hope this helped…

  5. @sasi – meters in these autos are strictly for decorative purposes 🙂

    @ela – the hospital I went to was so chaotic! the receptionist and the nurses were standing there and gossiping so loudly that I went and filled in one of those suggestion/feedback forms which I’m sure will be promptly ignored!

    -I thought they wanted to know if the person needs to be cremated/buried if something happens to them.. You know, without disturbing religious sentiments..

    -yeah, amusing games like throwing things and letting a stream of water (that you used to wash your hands) flow across the coupe and see if you can jump over to the other side.. about the scary part, ahem ahem, no comments.. my mom, however, is convinced that she needs to take away my child from me after its born and only give it back to me when it understands it can’t cry around me 🙂

    I refuse to call Madras Chennai.. I don’t know Chennai! I agree with you about the identity crisis.. I think I’ll write about this also sometime 🙂

    @mayur – I was hoping to see some Anniyan style action! but nothing happened 😦 Crying babies find me in trains/flights/shopping centers/theaters, they’re unbaised..

    @arun – lol yes.. but my sister and I used to fight for jannal seat.. that offers more entertainment than plain crying!

    @tys – lol.. you always help! the lush green theory makes sense though its little bit gross! Yes, we’re very holy.. We can always figure out a hospital’s religion when we enter cos we either find a big statue of Vinayaka or Mother Mary! I guess it does offer some kind of solace that you’re getting cut up in a holy place.. Maybe there’s a secret passage from there to heaven.. I’m sure that passage is closed to the hosp administrators who’re bound to go down under!

  6. Good one!

    Though I lived the first 20 years of my life in Madras, and have travelled hundreds of times in trains, I never realised then that there were no garbage bins. I did, two weeks ago, when I visited Madras after a while. When are they going to fix it? The same also applies to the waste water that gets dumped.

    I agree with you. It’ll always be Madras and never Chennai.

    And, none of the autos cared to turn on the meter when I was there.

    – dnm

  7. un blog interesting-aga irruku.
    Refreshing read.

    By the way they bringing these crying saniyans in Business class also.

    Apparum what’s the use of payinng big money?

  8. Guys, i never expect garbage bins in our Indian trains….rather i always carry extra bags where i collect all my trashes and then dump it in the first one i see…..
    Even here in Germany i do that since sometimes the bins are full….so try that and may be it will be followed and we will have cleaner trains and tracks….

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