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I know i’ve been lashing out on hospitals a lot off late. Its only because I’ve had to deal with them and they’ve been driving me crazy!
– The medical profession has been held in very high esteem since time immemorial. But right now, its probably the most lucrative business. Let’s not kid ourselves about it. I don’t have a problem with it cos after all its a source of livelihood. When that fact has been established, treat your patients like customers. Please realise that times have changed. We no longer fancy being treated like we have a pea sized brain. Humor us and talk to us. There’s a slight chance we might be able to comprehend the language of the higher mortals.
– If you can print brochures, call them patient information, and have tables that list the various procedures you have and how much they cost(i have a feeling that this is all the information they’re interested in conveying to the patients), you can also schedule appointments such that they don’t clash. If you have no rooms available for patients, please do not ask people to come and wait for eternity. It is, to say the least, infuriating!
– I understand there’s a dearth of trained nurses. Screaming at them in front of the patients and calling them stupid and incompetant doesn’t do us any good. We want to be able to trust the people who stick needles into us. Do not make that anymore difficult than it already is. Also, if u want to quiz them on their knowledge, do it where we can’t hear you. We’re not interested in knowing how little they know.
– If you can hire managers to run your hospital, you can also train your front office people to at least speak obligingly to the people who’s money pays their salary. Its not a sin to smile at people who’re obviously in distress. Please do not bark at us. We do not have the patience to entertain you. So f*** off and let us be!

PS: My heart’s bleeding that I’m missing Rahman in Madras when I’m in the city. Talk about bad luck 😦


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  1. Diagnosis Result- u r suffering from whitophobia, doctorophobia and with high probability from hospitalophobia also.
    Remedy- since there is no way we could change our doctors and hospitals overnight, for that matter in near and far future, for the first one u could date males who are always clad in white…it could be politicians, some actors or any eligible colleague! Although if u could start dating a doctor then there is a possibilty that u can overcome all of the above phobias…I am sure they are really sweet darlings!

  2. @ela – yesterday I met up with a friend who I haven’t seen in about 2 years. She’s a doctor! I realised I’m still quite fond of her. So, its not the hospitalophobia or the doctorophobia, its pure unadulterated rage!
    About the dating thing, white will not be a problem there. We’re talking about being single a few days before valentines day.. you get the sentiment πŸ™‚

    @arun – thalaiva, eppadi..

  3. Hey!! Got to your page from hawkeye. One main reason.. your name. No offence/defence et al. I just like that name avalo than.
    Coming to your blog’s contents. Simple/nice stuff under good topics.. ana why do u ‘swear’ify so much..i could see that in lot of ur blogs….. granted u might be venting ur frustration.. but i dont think its kewl….
    Just from a reader’s point of view..ambudu-then…

  4. @raj – I don’t generally need to use profanity to feel like I’ve made a point. But there are some places where the usage of profanity is universally accepted, like for instance when you’re driving. I’m not trying to be cool, I’m just being me when I’m angry.

  5. >>>>But there are some places where the usage of profanity is universally accepted, like for instance when you’re driving.

    hmmm.. ok..what i meant was, your message is indeed conveyed without those stuff. to me it looked like an ‘added’ material.
    anyways..keep writing.. i have added your link to my go-check-once-in-a-while list…

  6. @Raj – I’m not trying to convey a “message” I’m not “adding” material to make the “message more interesting. This is my rant space. So that’s what this is, a rant!

    @Ankur – This isn’t anger Ankur, this is rage. I’m not sure you understand the point of the whole post, and I don’t think I need to explain myself. Thanks for suggesting anger management to me!

  7. WTF indeed. you wanted printed brochures which is patient information, you would have to pay for it. you groan to spend that extra bit for the sake of being healthy, then might as well take the barks. and if want to be humored, perhaps you should visit a cinema or maybe Gemini circus.

  8. @doc – I have a feeling you didn’t really get what I said in the post. First of all, I’m talking about the flawed system that we have. I don’t want to humored, I’m not cribbing about paying money (which is what I’ve mentioned right at the beginning), all I want is to be treated with a little more integrity and respect. If you can’t offer that, then there’s some serious flaw in the the medical industry’s attitude. I’ve spoken to doctors about this to try and understand why this happens and they agree with what I had to say about the derth of trained nurses and inhospitable staff. This comes as a result of a lot of pain, not just anger. When you see your loved ones at the receiving end of this incompetence, it takes a whole new meaning.
    Trust me when I say I see more action, comedy and tragedy in a hospital than at Gemini circus. The only place that has more “entertainment” is probably Vijay movies.

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