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Will this work?

I happened to watch this program on Times Now. I’m glad someone’s brought it out in the open. I think every one who’s studied in colleges in Madras will tell you how true this is.

I studied in a women’s college but went a co-education school which was probably just as bad, if not worse. I studied in a school run by the Arya Samaj. They ran quite a few schools in Madras. Wherever possible they ran seperate schools for boys and girls. In the co-ed schools, there were very strict rules against girls and boys talking. We even used to have separate staircases for boys and girls. In fact, we had separate floors for boys and girls. Till I passed out of school, I only knew a lot of the boys in my school by face and not name.

Its so shameful that all this is being enforced in the name of Tamil culture. I want to know who defines this culture. Its very disheartening to see people who call themselves educationists have such a narrow minded approach in life.

Apparently this was played to the State Education minister who also claimed he was shocked. So, whose court is the ball in really?


11 thoughts on “Will this work?

  1. Ah well. I am really really ambivalent about this. The only thing the government can do is revoke any financial aid given to these colleges. Beyond that, these colleges are private institutions in private properties; I would feel worse if the government actually enforced something on them.

    The boy who got suspended seemed to have shook hands outside the college campus, and I wonder why he didn’t drag the college to court. What happens outside the campus is none of their business.

    Any updates on this?

  2. This has been happening in chennai engineering colleges for quite a long time… These college managements so powerful that no can do anything… Also its really funny the way the higher officials of the college answered in the interview… I am one of the engineering college student who is suffering all these tortures 😦

  3. It’s not happening only in Chennai; it’s everywhere in Tamil Nadu. My college was 550km away from Chennai; we had the same kind of “rules”.

    For heaven’s sake don’t pull government into this. Aren’t we, the people who support those colleges (e.g. by sending our relatives to those colleges), responsible for this? I am not saying go and fight the management. How many parents say to the management as a polite feedback that these rules are absurd?

    As a sidenote: Does anyone know why this crap even exists?

  4. The anchor Danya was cute.

    I’d have dropped out of school and college if I had to face such a trauma. And I’d have felt my kollu thaathaa’s “Gurukulam” would have been better.

  5. I am damn sure that the Education minister faked his shock! And this kind of gender based seggregation happens almost in all private colleges throught out TN…And of course all the government schools and colleges are gender seggregated and as far as my knowledge there is no co-ed government educational institutions!
    The college where i did my bachelors was the same.
    1.Girls has to have their dupattas pinned over both their shoulders.
    2.The classes start at 8.30 am and we were only allowed to leave the girls hostel at 8:15.
    3. Girls and boys are not allowed to talk at any time at any cost…there are always maanam kakkum, kadamai unarvu udaya lecturers on the look out for any violation of this rule.
    4.Girls are not allowed to go to the mottai maadi of the hostel since sighting of the opposite sex creatures some 2 kms away locked in their hostel was considered highly possible! and so on so on…

    When i decided move away from this stupidity into a working women’s hostel, the college administration told my father ‘appurama unga ponnoda olzukkam kettu poochina naanga kaaranam illae!’…luckily my parents are the most wonderful ones and they just simbly showed their middle finger to them and saved my soul!

  6. Ok, no surprises at all here.. It’s long been the butt of many a madras engg student’s jokes…

    What’s interesting is, if something will come out of such negative publicity.. Or will those jackasses feel justified as sworn defenders of ‘tamil culture’

    Somehow, I seriously doubt it..

  7. I know these things have been happening… But I was fortunate to have chosen a college tht was really co-ed. I mean we were in college only to talk to girls 😛
    Why dont u give this one also “WTF” tag? Sathyabama sucks big time. They think they do moral policing… but they are spoiling the brats..Hidden treasure creates more interest than the open wallet.. if you know wht I mean.

  8. man, welcome to the world where we rear fusturated , unbalanced youths , who have no idea or chance to interact with members of opposite sex in a healthy manner…

    this is stupid and petty…

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  10. it’s a big issue!! Me as an engineering student totally agree though our college is not against girls-guys talking, the mentality of the people around is awful… Whenever someone talks to a girl over phone or directly, they go gaga with rumours… 😦

  11. Why blame the educationists? The issue lies squarely with parents who send their children to these schools, and who believe that this is good for their kids (and 18 and 19 year old “adult” kids who join these colleges anyway, and stay silent about these ‘rules’ because frankly all they care about is getting their degree or a recruitment packet). They are the ones who let these things to become ‘rules’ in the first place…

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