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I normally don’t like doing tags, but this one seems like a perfect vent! So, here goes..

10 things I want to say to people right now
1. I’m so glad we’re friends even after this long of being apart. Sometimes, i wonder how we managed it but i guess now i can’t do without you.
2. I love you very much and think you’re a wonderful person, but there are times i feel like you hate me cos i don’t know how to read you.
3. I think you taught me the meaning of a love-hate relationship. No one’s ever made me feel as great as you have and no one’s made me feel worse either.
4. I hope you and I can at least be friends cos i think i might be able to make you feel better.
5. I personally feel responsible for the way turned out to be. I wrote you an apology letter that i don’t think you’ll ever read.
6. I hope you don’t hate me. I know i’ve been anything but perfect with you but i can love it if we can at least be civil to each other.
7. You’re the only reason i’m moving back home.
8. Even though I know i probably don’t need your approval, i feel the need to please you.
9. If you really like me, let me be!
10. Sometimes i don’t know if you’re really my friend.

9 things about myself
1. I’m a really messy person! Even though my room’s a mess most of the time, my cupboard’s always extremely organised.
2. I watch Friends all the time. I know all the dialogues of all the seasons by-heart!
3. I love pani puri! I can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
4. When i have enough money to buy my own house, i want to have a complete wall panel filled with books.
5. I need to be covered with a blanket even in peak summer to sleep!
6. I love good food! I want to run my own restaurant some day 🙂
7. Everytime I see a new mobile phone better than mine, I want to buy it
8. I can sit and watch strangers all day and not be bored at all
9. I’m actually quite shy when I meet people for the first time cos i’m too conscious of making a good first impression
10. I love the beach!

8 ways to win my heart
1. Buy me a big bunch of white roses
2. Plan an entire evening for me without saying me “you tell me”
3. Surprise me! Take me to a deserted beach, hold my hand.
4. Write me a letter, not an email
5. Be sure of yourself.
6. Call me and talk to me about the most random things in the world.
7. Let me be!
8. Be romantic, not mushy!

7 things that cross my mind often
1. My health
2. Money
3. Being smart
4. Does he ever think about me?
5. Does she think i’m trying to steal him away?
6. Will i meet him today?
7. Am i betraying her trust?

6 things I wish I never did
1. Spoken to him the evening I decided he wasn’t worth it.
2. Told him it was all my fault.
3. Pushed her to hating me.
4. Let those thoughts mess me up so bad that I began doubting myself.
5. Taken people at face value.
6. Letting his opinion of me decide my worth

5 turn-offs
1. Body odour.
2. Racists
3. Highly opinionated judgemental freaks
4. No sense of humor
5. Mushy men

4 turn-ons
1. Bright smile and shining eyes
2. Intelligence
3. Heavenly smelling hug
4. Snuggling up and talking

3 things I want to do before i die
1. Go on a wine tasting tour in France
2. Live in a woodhouse on an island
3. Go on a backpacking tour across southeast asia!

2 smilies that describe me
1. 🙂
2. :p

1 confession
I’m slightly freaking out about moving back to Madras. Fingers crossed 🙂

PS: Anyone who wants to vent can take up this tag. Also, I don’t think this post will make too much sense to most people 🙂


8 thoughts on “Tag!

  1. @arun >> onnumeva puriyala! adhu naan othukka maaten 😛

    @vipin >> call me 🙂

    @ela >> ore the venting only 🙂

    @tej >> Thanks 🙂

  2. okie then…

    i hve no idea whts going on but if i read between the lines, theres enuf drama in ur life to make a movie out of …

    🙂 …rock on girl….things hve a way of making sense in time, like how hving a big mid section is gud for balance ( I just found that out)

  3. I think I can pretty much guess most of what most of it is about … 😛

    But for the rest… I’m calling…

  4. This post not making sense? no way!! I can sort of identify with these feelings so well right now… great post! 🙂

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