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The most random things in life have this uncanny ability of transporting me back in time. A mail, a piece of writing, sometimes just the rain. When I was packing up my desk at work, my 3 years surprisingly fit into one shopper stop bag. That bag mostly had things people had given me over time, like birthday cards, pen stands, roses made of play dough, old performance appraisal sheets, quality sheets, basically things that I don’t really have any use for anymore!
I spent almost one whole day going through the old emails and files on my computer. Emails dated 2005 sounded like another lifetime altogether. I had no idea I had saved so many things. I discovered songs, notes/emails, documents that I had long forgotten about. Each of them very distinctly reminded of some very special people and times.
In a very wierd way, I felt more strongly about giving up my work system and my seat than my job itself. I’ve learnt over time that the people who matter will of course be there no matter what. Some people just can’t be there, however, cos some memories are best left behind in the past. When it becomes a liability, its not worth it. So, i’m not really concerned about them. But i’m not really a big fan of change and way too many things are going to be different now.
Now that the wrapping up has been (almost) done here, its time to think about yet another settling down.
Phew, I really am a drama queen 🙂
PS: One of my favorite actors, Raghuvaran passed away. He’s redefined the style of tamil villans. But my personal favorite was Anjali. May his soul rest in peace! Amen..


4 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. Hmmmm….don’t be so honest in openly stating ur dislike for Change…..it has the power to sweep one in it’s strong currents and change things overnight with out even a slight shame or guilt! And of course, not even a ‘Sorry’!

    And I too was sad to hear about Raghuvaran’s demise….i liked watching his performance! So peace be with him!

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