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All for the sake of a story??

When I was surfing channels this morning, I caught Headlines Today covering the story of Amit, an employee of Infosys, who allegedly killed his wife and before committing suicide cos he suspected an extra marital affair.
As they couldn’t get either of their family members to comment, they turned to their orkut profiles as a testimony to what a happily married wonderful couple they were. Apparently her profile had a lot of pictures of them together in which they looked very happily married! Apparently Amit’s profile clearly mentioned that he detested liars. So apparently he hit the roof when he found out that his wife was lying to him. And oh, btw, his wife, according to her testimonials, is a very lovable, smart woman. If only he had looked through her profile before deciding to kill her.
Are you frikkin kidding me?!! Is this what our news channels want to base their stories on? A profile on a social networking site! Somebody please stop them..

Ps: the person who was reporting the story mentioned that both the families were very disappointed with the way they were covering the story. Hmmm, I wonder why!


8 thoughts on “All for the sake of a story??

  1. Orkut solvadhu ellaam unmai. Unmai thavira vera ondrum illai.

    Orkut pathi yaaravadhu thappaa paesinaa, KKNagar’lendhu aal varum. Jaakradha!

  2. u serious, right?…jeez, u r serious.

    i give up…next time, i guess we will be voting our national leaders based on their orkut profile…

  3. These social networking sites are a big hit on news channels.

    Remember the Virginia Tech shooting last year, the news channels actually carried a huge report about’ the condolence messages posted on the dead Indian girl’s orkut profile. And even bout’ how fake orkut profiles with the girl’s name cropped up a couple of days after the incident. They actually had screenshots of her orkut scrap book ..

    What wuz their point really?

    btw, if possible please remove the Captcha field from your comment form. I always have to try 2-3 times to get thru’.

  4. pretty soon scraps will be permissible as evidence in a court of law, and people will have to testify with their hand on a laptop which shows the wikipedia homepage….

  5. The news channels are making absolute clowns out of themselves! How could a marriage be successful if the husband has to know abt his wife from a testimonial in orkut?

    There was an embarassing moment for NDTV when they connected Sunitha Williams with her aunt in India with whom she haven’t spoken for ages! It was funny!

  6. kabali > nee odha thaan vaanga pora!

    tys > lol.. yeah, maybe rahul gandhi will have a professional portfolio done and put of pics of him hugging the poor and old women, like old MGR movies.. we could get sonia gandhi, manmohan singh et al, to write testimonials for him! what a cheap way to seal your election campaign i say 😛

    Guru > I don’t know why these sites are given demi-god status. They’re just what they are, places where you go to network with people.. its kinda getting ridiculous

    Mayur > that made me laugh really hard 😛

    Prashanth > every channel is just as bad as the other! And don’t even get me started on the sunita williams hype. it was worse than the ash-abhi wedding! I want to meet the editors who decide what goes on air at prime time..

  7. Very true indeed. These media people blow everything out of proportion, to the extent of glamorizing even the saddest events. The other day one of the news channels was covering the little girl Vandana falling into the pit for a good 7 hours. Don’t they have anything worthwhile to cover. I mean consider the thousands of people who lose their sleep just to ensure that we get a good one. Why don’t they cover the army? Because there is no masala in there. That’s sad….very sad.

    Btw, I’m Tara and am new to the blogging world. My blog is


    Do drop in sometime, would love to hear from you. Have been reading your blog for quite some time now and think that you write very well.


  8. Tara > I think the list will be endless if we start picking out worthless stories from these “national” news channels. Thanks for dropping by!

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