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Google Local is trying to improve its data. This update on the official blog asks for people to provide information about their businesses.

I’ve been using Google Local/Maps for a while now. When they started out, they were not half as good as they are today. Especially, Google India maps. The improvement is quite remarkable in a short span of time. When I got my N82 in January, the in-built Nokia maps was way better than Google Maps. Maps data was terribly insufficient. Now, just after a couple of months, maps has improved a whole deal.

I use the internet on my phone a whole lot more than on my computer. If you have a smartphone and are interested in trying out mobile internet, there are a couple of Google applications you must certainly try.

GMail Mobile – This is a faster way to access GMail. This is the application that I use the most on my phone. You can also access attachments if your phone can has MS office/ Adobe installed. Its reliable most of the time though it crashed on me about 3-4 times in the last 2 months. Reading your emails in just a couple of clicks is worth giving it a try anyways.

Google Maps
– You can find destinations, check routes, get traffic updates (not in India yet, though) et al. The latest version even has a GPS locater which in my experience is quite accurate.

Both these applications can be synced with your PCs.

Google Search
– There’s also a new search application that is merely a text box that opens up in one click and lets you search. You can perform image searches as well. Other than the fact that it is faster than going to google.com, it pretty much is the same as searching from the homepage.

There’s also an YouTube application which doesn’t work in India as yet for very obvious bandwidth reasons. Maybe 3G connections will fix this!

PS: This year’s April fool’s day prank by Google


5 thoughts on “Google Local

  1. Yeah its awesome! I use Google maps all the time on my mobile.. Its amazing. I love the GMail mobile as well… top it all with opera browser!

    April fool prank from Google was so close to truth.. I accept.. I went to my email and checked for the option!

  2. Hmmm…i think i can be easily stamped as an conservative old one…i like to use my mobiles for what they were invented in the first place…i really don’t have the appetite for the high end modern gadgets that they are turning out to be!

  3. Arun > Enna pa, kadhaya solren 🙂

    Prashanth > Yeah, I clicked on the questionnaire and burst out laughing!

    Ela > Its fun! Give it a try no 🙂 Its kinda addictive

  4. I hate Google’s April Fools Day pranks. They are quite believable because Google does so many crazy things. Though thankfully they pull some stunt every year so now I am always weary around March – April about any Google announcements that come my way.

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