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Beauty and Pain..

I think most women are masochistic by nature. We like paying people a good amount of money every month to inflict pain upon us. The things we do for the sake of looking attractive! A visit to the beauty salon is not all soaking fingers in stuff, getting rollers in the hair, painting nails pretty. Its a couple of hours of some serious pain. We try flipping through magazines, examining our nails, making frivolous conversations with fellow women in pain to seem like we’re enjoying every bit of it. There’s no process there that’s not painless! There’s only varying degrees of pain. The more pain you can endure, the more attractive, the more pain you want inflicted, the more hip!

Actually, this pain is not so exclusive to women these days. We have men waxing their chest to look “macho.” I have a feeling Sanjay Dutt has a lower threshold for pain than the other pink shirt sporting men. And that’s what prompted him to come out with this, a public service message:

I probably agree with him about waxed legs and chest. But the bit about behenjis, taking care about children, salsa, poodles, I hope someone someone beats the day lights outta him. On retrospect, did they get him drunk on some cheap beer before the commercial. Nah, you don’t so much effort to convince someone like Sanjay Dutt to do such a stupid commercial. Actually, I want to meet the agency that came up with this ad and throw them a party for having discovered new levels of sucking in commercials.

So, Mr. Dutt, its very evident that you can’t handle anything in life that involves even a wee bit sophistication. So, let the world be and drink your strong soda.


15 thoughts on “Beauty and Pain..

  1. Why do they claim their ad to be a “public service message”? It’s unethical, right?

    No need to mention, one of the stupidest ads I have ever seen.

  2. This is the advertisement for a beer morphed as a soda! I don’t think they’ve left us any room for talk of ethics.

  3. They don’t allow you to advertise alcohol on Indian TV dei.
    I kind of liked the ad. With the Yo-dudes with their John Abrahams and their Shahrukh Khans taking over the world its nice to know kountriyaaps is not dead yet.


  4. I have always asked all the women I have met, How can you pour hot molten wax on your body and still smile, but at the same time jump to the ceiling when you see a cockroach?

  5. Gayatri – Its a wonderful commercial I think! I have been apprehensive abt this trend…just because, like Sanjay Dutt, my hair doesn’t grow beyond certain limit 😛

  6. Vipin > I know you can’t advertise alcohol on TV, but don’t you think this is a li’l much? I mean, he’s an actor who waxes his chest and wears pink shirts. Public service message? Really? Comeon, da 🙂

    Sasi > seriously, 🙂

    Mayur > In my defence, I’m not scared of cockroaches or any insect for that matter 🙂

    Prashanth > why don’t you also send out a public service message banning all shampoos?? 🙂

    Nirmal > thanks

  7. You know what, I want to say WTF, but I think they’ve made such fools of themselves, one side of me just wants to point at them and laugh..

  8. isnt dutt-jr forgetting his saajan-bad-hair-days? guess tis got to do with the stuff he’s snorting ! 😀

    @maxdavinci – lol. but cold wax is in. 😛 and jumping is more to do with the eewww-unclean roach and not a fear factor 🙂

  9. nice post.. i remember kamalhassan ‘s ad in radio mirchi, where he says ‘no pain, no gain’ which were written in a book of arnold schwasneger(pardon me wit the spelling).. but not everything is a pain at beauty salons.. body spa’s n hair massages r lovely ways to pamper ourselves.. why dont people prefer hair removal creams to waxing,.. threading..no option..:( am yet to see the ad..

  10. This advertisemnt is downright degrading for modern woman, now when the gender bias is vanishing slowly,he is trying to establish it again,if the man looking after babies are sissy, then we love them all the more

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