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Woodlands is closing down!

Apparently, Woodlands drive-in is closing down! Its a place I’ve been going to since I was a kid. I’ve heard my uncles talk about it as a perfect place to take a date. But, I fell in love with that place when I was in college. I went there last Saturday for brunch. They’ve managed to keep up the magic of the dosa, sambhar and filter coffee for so many years now. Other than the fact that the dosas got greasier, I have almost no complaints about that place as ill maintained as it is.

When I was in college, we could get out in the afternoons in the final year. So, the perfect place to bunk class and go to was just a minute’s walk away. The dosa then was Rs. 17 and coffee was Rs. 8. We used dig out the change from our pockets (me and 3 other friends) and depending on the financial status of the day, the menu would be decided well before going there. On especially oppulent days, we used to have masala dosa and one odd times, bonda as well. Sitting inside and eating is probably not as enticing as the drive-in place. But I find that fun too. In spite of the heat beating down through the asbestos roof and poorly functioning fans, there’s an old world charm about it that will never die.

Now that the government has decided to reclaim the land, lets see what use they put it to.

Woodys will be missed, sorely!


17 thoughts on “Woodlands is closing down!

  1. Hindu says government is planning to convert the area into a Botanical garden. That I’d say is more important for chennai than Bonda and Bhajji.

  2. tatz sooo sad, i mean it’s a landmark that we will miss..

    wazz wyd chennai- suddenly, all coloful hoardinbgs removed!
    wat the hell’s happening- the govt. has gone bonkers!

  3. woodys has closed? Its been 5 years since i came to madras, but woodys was such a nice place! will be missed! had such good memories there!

  4. Prashanth > Apple Bajji?? never tried it.. guess its too late now 😦

    Arun > its not about the bajji and bonda, its about what the place stood for. Guess you won’t understand if you didn’t know the place.

    Mayo > I know 😦 and thanks 🙂

    rantravereflect > all the illegal hoardings are being removed and some of the legal ones are being brought down too in the process I guess..

    vinni > yeah, hopefully it’ll turn into something good even if not as good as drive-in!

  5. If somebody contradicts you, you dont have to assume that they dint know the place. I used to be a regular visitor to woodlands too, but tell me one good park/garden chennai has. Comparing to other int’l cities, Chennai lacks having enof parks/gardens. If woodlands drive-in is converted to a garden, I’d be gladly receptive to such a change.

  6. Arun > I’m not against the concept of having a garden/park in the heart of the city. I’m just sad a place very close to my heart is being torn down for it. FYI, there’s a botanical garden that’s been there forever right across the road from woodys. I’ve never seen anyone ever go there except for cinema shootings. So, as long as the government has a plan and is willing to execute it, we’re all happy. But we’ll have to wait and see what the reclaimed land shapes up to be. That’s the point I was trying to make.

    And I wasn’t of course trying to assume that you didn’t know woodlands. I was only saying you probably wasn’t as attached to it as some of us who’ve grown up with a lot of memories that surround the place.

  7. oh! stop it you two….

    I’ve only seen it in some old tam films, and went once during my only visit to the city. I loved the place, the trees and the food was gooooood! Dad tells me that they leased the place for 100 yrs, but I guess chopping trees for parking space was unacceptable…

    My dad has many memories of the place for there used to be a multi-screen theatre there once..

  8. Now its really bad… You come with Botanical Gardens. Our waiting lovers will swamp the place and you then come up with a protest for “Kalaachaara Seer Azhivu” – Sirappu paarvai!

  9. Its one amazing place to be.. sad the govt wants it closed…can’t online forums ask people to sign petitions against this move?? I’d be happy to sign as many times as i could.

  10. Mayur > Really! I didn’t know they had screens there.. hmm.. interesting!

    Prashanth > will keep our katchis occupied for a bit!

    Tejas > Good plan 😛

    Varun > I’m not against the move to close the place but I’m jus hoping they’d put the place to good use after removing woodys.

  11. point taken! Spell checking is not one of my talents. Maybe I should stop posting from my phone 🙂

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