We all have favorites not because they’re the best, but because somewhere, they struck a chord with us. This holds good for people, places, food, books, movies and most importantly music. If there ever was a song that made me forget myself and everything else around me, its this one. It may not be the greatest song ever composed. But when I listen to this song and close my eyes and sing along, I feel light. There’s this feeling of joy, that I can’t quite explain. Its almost like standing at the edge of a cliff on a perfect day with the wind blowing in your face. Your arms are stretched wide open and you feel life flowing through your fingers.
Actually, its like a perfect hug. The one that engulfs you while running a hand through your hair. A smile that’s buried in the other person’s chest and a kiss that speaks a thousand words.

PS: Apparently, James, the singer was stoned when this song was recorded. No wonder 🙂


13 thoughts on “

  1. 🙂 STRANGE, but i loveeeeeeeeeee this song too- the guitar strains are awesum..

    the song strikes a deep chord with anyone, cos it’s dark n moody, light n melifluous at the same time..- 🙂

    ps: ya know wat, i ‘ve a fren , who wen stoned, is the most creative person ya can see..infact, it was on one of his trips tat he came out with a storyline, which i used and penned in a story called trompe l’oeil- a life changing paintin..

    life’s a big time irony- people who dope n drink understand life a lot better.. waah waah

  2. Well, that article says it all!

    The Underground Bengali Band scene has indeed a lot of talent. It’s time it came to the front. Pritam was a part of it, and look at his contribution (though most of it is stolen x( ).

    Like your take on music. 🙂

  3. i am not really into hindi music, but this is a good song definitely. if you like soft rock listen to long nights. i have posted it on my latest blog entry. if you dont like soft rock, u definitely should!

  4. This is the 1st time I’m listening to this song. Being a green thamizhan is the reason. But all u’r descriptions go well for one’s fav song/music. ‘New york Nagaram’ is my all-time fav and that song does all that you described in this post to me.

  5. rantravereflect > That’s so true. When a person’s high, they’re on a completely different plane and the result of the trip is always fabulous!

    Alok > Thanks!

    Vinni > Now that I definitely should, I’ll check it out

    Arun > I guess its all in the voice. Somehow that one voice can take to you a different place altogether!

  6. love the song! it has an alluring mystic effect to it. this is the first time i got around watching the video though.

  7. I liked the voice of the singer…the guitar, yes I do love that… the rest I don’t know…may be becoz these days I am becoming too unemotional and needs some thing very dramatic to shake me up!

  8. Mayo > Yeah! love it..

    Ela > I don’t know if this is a viable suggestion, but listen to your favorite songs after you get smashed.. That ought to shake you up!

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