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Wearing our pride on our sleeves

Its hot in Madras now. Spending an entire day out in the sun, without water to quench your thirst is a kind of torture that can be included in the law as a form of punishment for rapists and killers. In all this, the dress code mania demands that everyone wears proper salwar kameez with dupatta (if you’re a girl, of course), and the men wear formal full sleeved shirts. Or if you’re in college, a Tshirt or a shirt that covers your back pocket. (We will still refuse say the “word”). I understand the office goers sit indoors most of the day in an office that has AC running in full blast. But what happens when they get out? If you were lucky enough to be in a college like mine, you at least have the shades of the lovely trees to make the torture seem less painful.

According to the Times of India survey (that came out on 14th of April), 32% percent of people in Madras find wearing sleeveless offensive. Hmmm.. I just have one question, its ok to wear really small, almost non-existent sleeves but our pride lies in that extra 3 inches of cloth that cover the upper portion of the arm? Or is it the armhole that’s offensive? What about our ancestors who never wore blouses? Actually, our traditional attire didn’t require us to be covered from head to toe. Cos they understood that it was too much to ask for in a hot city! A disclaimer seems necessary now. I’m not advocating skimpy clothes. If you want to wear an airy sleeveless shirt, you must be able to without worrying about the self-designated moral police brigade that seems to be abundant in the city.

This first issue’s survey made Madras sound like a overgrown village, which seems to be a popular opinion. I’m not pitching for Madras to be voted the most happening place in the next survey. I understand the heat can throw you off track and disillusion you, but don’t lose hope! Its only April now, and May will be worse. By the end of May, you will not be concerned about anything other than the making sure you always have at least a fan running above your head. We’ll talk about this then!


22 thoughts on “Wearing our pride on our sleeves

  1. If this is progress, then i dont want it.

    i really cannot understand us aping the westerners clothing style in our climate…iam a great beliver in dressing for comfort…

    so wear the sleeveless blouses , wear skirts..beat the damn heat…so tell the moral police to atleast give us ice cold water

  2. …is a kind of torture that can be included in the law as a form of punishment for rapists and killers

    I don’t know why you hate them so much. Please be aware that you are also playing a self-appointed police here.

    To your mind, acting or at least thinking against rapists and murderers is The Right Thing. Likewise, acting against sleeveless-wearing people is The Right Thing for those self-appointed police you complain about.

  3. these jobless cops have many things to bother about and i dont know y they are behind girls.
    there are lot many things left over to have clean india.it will be better if they can control one or two murders in a day which will atleast help the lives of somebody and also stop taking bribes which will help the poor people…

    my request to the chennai cops is that plz carry on with wat is important in terms of security aspects and stop going behind the girls who wears sleeveless for their comfort.


  4. That’s a nice survey from TOI…haah…the point is still we are in the mindset about discussing and polling for such things without thinking that it is upto individuals to decide their dress code.
    It was fun to see the full sleeved, tie wearing IT guys and medical reps sweating out under our hot sun and looking pathetic….if girls have to wear salwars and sarees then why can’t men wear nice cotton dhotis to job…it can save our poor guys from boiling themselves..just goodwill!

  5. hi gayatri, unless u r in a office or sumthing.. always expect peopple to stare at u wen you are out wearing a sleeveless..our city s like that.. police men.. be away from them.. they r not ‘live n let live ‘ kind at mumbai.. i feel cotton clothing s very comfortable to beat the heat even if its not sleeveless..(i somehow dont like sleeveless)

  6. you said it.. not able to live in YOUR city(my first summer..btw 11 months its summer only here)
    As far as dressing.. no one can stop some one for this, if they know the “limit”..(but the problem is “limit”differes from person to person)

  7. @manki saar: I don’t know why you hate them so much

    are you really serious? lets not get into that…

    @gaya: ayyo pavam, hyd yennyday! fullsleeve, no sleeve antha ok. emantaaru?

  8. “According to the Times of India survey (that came out on 14th of April), 32% percent of people in Madras find wearing sleeveless offensive”

    The rest 68% are ok?? Shocking!

  9. Tys > I would also like some nice cold buttermilk πŸ™‚

    Manki > Tell you what, why don’t you start a party and support all the rapists and killers and get the world to understand their human side? I thought I was disillusioned in life and then I read your comment and laughed.. Life sure does have a way of making you feel better πŸ˜€

    I actually wanted to write something totally charged up and defiant and then I realised it was useless πŸ™‚

    thiyagasundaram > I wasn’t really talking about the policemen

  10. Nags > you’ll get used to it πŸ™‚

    Ela > how dare you put comfort before culture and rules πŸ™‚

    Ramya > The big picture here is that, people can’t be expected to toe the line of personal preferences

  11. Narsim > that’s precisely my point

    Mayur > Hyd was cool not cos the city was cool, but cos office was cool.. Here all the offices have majar dress code da!

    Arun > lol!

    Mayo > you said it! 😦

  12. Two points:

    a) Hyd, the city is cool. Very cool. Not weather-wise, but every otherwise-wise.

    b) I think a very important survey that one needs to do is to find out if men are turned on by bare shoulders. Crucial to the understanding of this issue!

  13. Thank god Bangalore is not as hot as chennai!
    But then summer still sucks!!

    I just wish my college had AC rooms!
    even the ACs in the labs dont work! Gah!


  14. aandthirtyeights > Hmm.. I’m not so sure I agree with you on Hyd being uber cool. I’ve lived there.. But about the man part, you’ve got a point πŸ™‚

    Ila > The sleeveless is just really an aspect of the problem

    Impressionist > hehe.. I can imagine!

  15. mad mad madras-
    wearing our ‘useless’ pride on our sleeves- tatz a gooood title!- kudos gaay..
    i love chennai, ya know i seriously dooooo.. but then, their tut-tutting at every lil’ thing we do is infuriating..
    sleeveless tops, short skirts(jus a ll’ above the knee), a sexy tattoo on ya back- every lil’ thing is abnoxious to them..

    i refrain from wearing sleeveless for another reson though- i got a lotta flab on my arms, n sleeevless clothes tend to over-emphasize my bigness on the top.. so i wear a lotta sexy shrugs and thre-quater kurtas to give it tat illusory hourglass(a lil’bloated though)look..

    we’ll talk about illusory fashion sumday babee:)

    for now, it’s a lotta watermelon, buttermilk, elani, tank tops, breezy skirts and hot-under-the- collar/ heart on the sleeve attitude!!!!

    rok on!

  16. I had to comment on this!

    @ Manki – Really? Like Max said, maybe we should not get into this!

    @ Nags – πŸ˜› Silk saris await you

    @ Gayatri – err, since I’ve taken over your blog, let me end by commenting on your post πŸ˜‰ Hyd was good, coz we did not care, I think. Coz am sure Hyd has ‘some’ prejudices that Chennai has. I mean, Chennai wins in terms of Maamis staring at you πŸ˜› Hyd does not have Maamis or does it? πŸ˜‰

  17. Hyd doesn’t have mami’s and I didn’t have too much of a social life anyways and so I guess I’m pretty much judging Hyd by the google culture πŸ™‚

  18. As a connoisseur on girls and their dresses (I have sight adichified more than my share), I think a sleveless salwar is the sexiest dress a girl could wear. And, this includes sphagetti, tank tops.


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