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My thoughts while watching the Dasavatharam audio release function

-Kamal, the man looked every bit an accomplished, successful actor. I still would’ve liked to see him clean shaven, looking like the Kamal I can drool over. The bushy beard was a slight turnoff. The way he spoke, he almost bit his way through the speech. Was the stalwart himself nervous?
-Jackie Chan is so cute! He was smiling through out when I’m sure he didn’t understand a jack of what was going on around him. He made it a point to clap every time someone said his name and smile wider! He asked Mallika to help him with the pronunciation of names! He’s gotta be kidding.
-He did something that must make all of us hang out heads in shame and die. He picked up the wrapper of the record that was presented to him and looked for a place to trash it. Kamal took it from him and threw it carelessly again.
-I was pleasantly surprised to see Shobana emcee the show. Thankfully, it wasn’t Vijay Adhiraj or Swarnamalya yet again. Shobana is naturally beautiful. Her flashing eye shadow reminded me of Manichitra thazhu again.
-Mamooty, sigh, I’m out of breath. There’s something about him that still arrests my attention. I can’t look away when he’s in my line of sight. They don’t make em like him anymore. Major drooling happened!
-Vijay really must be dressed better in public. At least do something something about the overtly oily face! If he’s trying to ape Rajni’s public image, its definitely not working.
-Hema malini, the dream girl was yet again stunning. She’s again one of those models that’s not in production anymore. Asin looked sweet. She scored big time when she spoke in her lilting accented Tamil.
-Mallika Sherawat, did no one warn you about your clothes? You wore something that was black net with opaque patches covering the strategic parts and you linked your arms through Mr. Chan’s arms. Your thighs, legs and arms were exposed. Is our moral police watching?
-Rajni’s absence seemed kinda conspicuous. He would’ve made the evening complete.
-It was weird to heard Hema malini addressing him as Kamal ji! Isn’t she a lot senior to him?
-Karunanidhi’s pointers about similarities between Kamal and Jackie Chan were damn funny! It almost sounded like he ran a full background check on him before coming to the show. What all we do in life!

All this apart, I’m still wondering how they zeroed down on Jackie Chan to be the guest of honor. I mean, apart from the fact that he’s the highest paid actor in Asia, were does he fit in? After all, we don’t function on logic do we šŸ™‚

So the point of this whole thing, the music release. No one spoke much about it actually. The music review will follow in the next post.


13 thoughts on “Dasavatharam

  1. Magalae…unakkum enakkum ini sandai!
    Kamal aa neeyae vachuko…aana adhu enna Mamooty yaa zero in panneetae? kudavae Jackie Chan-num! I mean it’s ok that u say that he is cute but hmmmm….

    Ellam sathi…naan oorula illatha neerama paathu yellarayum vara vachu they are playing games with me!*sigh*

    BTW, they wrote in the media about Jackie picking up trash but not about Kamal throwing it back upholding our valued Indian traditon!

  2. Ela > lol.. when I was writing this I was thinking of putting a post about Mamooty next, but now I may have to rethink that šŸ™‚

    Kamal, very promptly upheld our time tested tradition!

    But, Mamooty was totally drool worthy!

  3. Aiyyoo..aiyoo..aiyoo… Mallika Sherawat a kandikka vendiya Dr. Aiyya engae????

    Songs.. I liked three of them!

    Oscar Ravichandran started his distribution career and was mainly in to releasing tamil versions of Jackie Chan starrers and hence the proof!

    Hope DASA succeeds big time!

  4. mallika & pronunciation.. ahahaha.ditto thoughts on vj & mamooty.:) oh come now, a post on mamooty is worth the effort. šŸ˜‰

  5. kamaljee, rajinijee is like standard these days. Hema Malini God she IS really a looker…Namma ooru singari, bollywoodu ponaalam… Karunanidhi does his homework before any major function. He seems far from senile at this age.

  6. “I mean, apart from the fact that he’s the highest paid actor in Asia, were does he fit in?”

    You mean Jackie Chan doesn’t have anything to do with the film as such?! Until you mentioned that I just assumed he did, stunts or something!

  7. jackie chan, mamooty, kamal? adi penne i’m not mylapore maal but konjam inda pakkam also look vidu…

    you’ve got droolable 20 something guys here and you after 50 something peepuls? get a new pair of lenses!

    but yea the trailer kicks ass! will do a post as well..

  8. For some reason i never drooled at kamal..n i never thought he was good looking..i love his acting..thats about it.
    i find rajini more attractive and charming than kamal…maybe cuz i am used to seeing rajini in my way..
    coming to songs…not that great..i like the one sung by hariharan.

  9. Reg Mammooty, yeah he was fit and trim.

    Vijay is a poor guy – he has started to live with this target audience – the slum dwellers and no wonder he bathes once a month and brushes his teeth once a week and never combs or shaves…..

    Rajni coming might have made it a kamal rajni affair and the legends might have decided to not interfere with each other.

    Songs – a let down.


  10. Prashanth > I already told you what I think of the songs šŸ™‚

    Mayo > Mamooty post definitely on the way!

    Pseudonym > doing your homework is one thing and blurting it out in public when it doesn’t exactly fit is just comedy

    Ashwin > the guy who produced this film, Oscar Ravichandran has apparently been distributing Jackie Chan Tamil dubbing films for the last 20 years or so. That as far as I can see, is the only connection.

    Arun > that should tell you about the so called “young” population

    Mayur > nee inga vaa.. you’ll get all the attention you need šŸ™‚ after all you’re foreign return

    Kavitha > hmm.. yeah! just that one song is tolerable.

    LKS > lol at the vijay comment.

    The victorious > Thanks šŸ™‚ I read that too. What a shame!

  11. buhahahahahahahahhaha,,
    seriously taz funny stuff..

    -> he looked for a place to litter, n kamal threw iot away carelessly- man our sense of cleanliness or the lack of it is sooooooo highlighted at times..

    -> y jackie chan??? i mean jackie n mallika? wat really was the purpose? things we do for publicity- man there’s no sense..
    god knows how much they paid jackie- now i know y tamil films have high budgets!!!

    -> moral police and mallika- darn them,, i mean ‘darn’ with stitches those patches on her clothes, maybe the holes and opaque cloth gotta be closed and made a bit thicker, suitable for public viewing..

    -> rajni not there- yeh, wish he were there..

    -> shobana- woman, tat woman is stunnin still, and yehhh, she makes moe sense than those idiotic emceez today,, vijay or swarnamalya wud ‘ve been bearable but imagine a anandhakannan- jesus, i can’t stand him!!!

    gooood gurl- this is like a city beat, we do get to know wazz happenin around teh city!!!
    loadsa love gaay, take care šŸ™‚

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